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Spin Master Candylocks Review

Candylocks Dolls

Spin Master's latest doll offering is Candylocks, a diminutive plastic doll with 15 inches of scented, colourful hair. The dolls are packaged like candyfloss, with the dolls blind boxed by being wrapped in their own hair. Scroll on down for a full guide to all the available dolls! For a quick review and my thoughts on the line, stay where you are...

Spin Master Candylocks Basic Doll

I think the concept is super cute and I love the packaging. But. I must admit to having a few concerns in terms of safety and the doll's ability to hold up to play. I bought one for Marianna from The Entertainer at 5pm on Thursday. By 5pm Friday the hair was looking bedraggled and handfuls of the cotton wadding material used had shed around the house.

The dolls are advertised as 5+, with a warning that they aren't suitable for under 3s, but at that age hair play has yet to become especially delicate - even when they're doing their best to be gentle! Marianna was trying out braids, twisting the hair, wrapping the accessories around it, etc, etc, but after a single day you can see the comparison between our doll and the promo photograph from Amazon:

No toy lasts forever, but I have higher expectations of something priced at £10 than I do something priced at £2.99. The ease with which the hair breaks apart and sheds is kind of worrying. At 5 your kid probably isn't going to be trying to eat it, but the same can't be said of younger kids and pets in the household - especially when it's something that looks, smells and feels like candyfloss. :/

So, yeah. I wish I could give this line a better review, but the age suggestion either needs pushing up or the hair needs to be made more robust. I emailed over my concerns as feedback anyway, so at least it can be constructive criticism.

Spin Master Candylocks Dolls Collection
Spin Master Candylocks Checklist

The first series of the basic dolls contains:

★ Berry Magic.
★ Betty Berry.
★ Birthday Kate.
★ Candy Dotty.
★ Carmella Apple.
★ Cotton Sandy.
★ Gummy Bree.
★ Kelly Bean.
★ Kiwi Kara.
★ Marshmallow Star.
★ Nina Split.
★ Terry Pie.
★ Uni Cami.

Spinmaster Candylocks Dolls

BFF 2-Packs

Spinmaster Candylocks BFF Cora Crème and Charli ChipSpinmaster Candylocks BFF Jilly Jelly and Donna Nut

★ Cora Crème and Charli Chip - box front / contents / back.
★ Jilly Jelly and Donna Nut - box front / contents / back.

Spinmaster Candylocks BFF Kerry Berry and Beau NanaSpinmaster Candylocks BFF Mint Choco Chick and Choco Lisa

★ Kerry Berry and Beau Nana - box front / contents / back.
★ Mint Choco Chick and Choco Lisa - box front / contents / back.

Spinmaster Candylocks BFF 2 Pack Dolls

Spinmaster Candylocks Sugar Style Dolls

Sugar Style Doll

These deluxe dolls stand 7 inches tall and have 12 inches of hair.

★ Lacey Lemonade - box front / contents / back.
★ Straw Mary - box front / contents / back.

Candylocks and Pet Dolls 
Series 2, 2020

Candylocks dolls are back, and this time they've brought their pets.

Summer Pop Party

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  1. Do you know who the red and blue haired one is? My daughter received for Christmas and we can't find her on any list and would just like to know the name


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