Thursday, 19 September 2019

Blogger Rate Sheet How To

Blog Rate Sheet How To

Once you have a media kit for your blog, the next step is to create a 'rate sheet' - aka your blog price guide.

What you need to include:

Why is yours the blog for the job? This can include your blog ethos, social media statistics, influencer scores, awards you've won, brands you have previously worked with, etc, etc. Whatever is most relevant to your blog. (Dependant on whether or not it will be sent with your media kit, of course.)

Contact Details. If there is no way to get in touch with you, there won't be much work resulting from it! (As I don't actively pitch I just went with my blog header - my main aim was to make it easier to respond to PRs who approach me.) Continuing with the theme, make sure you save the file with a useful name for whoever's opening it. Eg. My Blog Name Rate Card - 2019.pdf.

What you offer... and how much it costs. If you want some guidance on how much to charge, check out Social Bluebook which suggests monetary value of social media posts based on how many followers you have and how much engagement you get.

Additional Details. Totally dependant on what makes sense for your blog - it might be stipulating how you want to be paid, how long the work will take, or requests you won't even consider.

Here's one I made earlier...

My media kit and rate sheet -

Babi a Fi Media Kit
Babi a Fi Rate Sheet

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