Thursday, 5 September 2019

Fairy Tale High Dolls

Fairy Tale High Dolls

S-K Victory launched their line of Fairy Tale High dolls in 2013, in conjunction with Toon Studio, supported by webisodes and ebooks to flesh out the characters. (Toon Studio, with WowWee, are the guys behind the Once Upon a Zombie  line.) You can check them out at the Fairy Tale High website.

The dolls stand 11.5" tall, have rooted hair and screened faces, and originally retailed for $17.99 each. There is an in-depth review of Rapunzel at Toy Box Philosopher which covers their articulation, etc.

Fairy Tale High Dolls

★ Tinker Bell - box front / back.
★ Alice in Wonderland - box front / back.
★ Little Mermaid - box front / back.
★ Snow White - box front / back.
★ Cinderella - box front / back.
★ Sleeping Beauty - box front / back.
★ Rapunzel - box front / back.
★ Belle - box front / back.

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