Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Toddlers with Trunks Review

Toddlers with Trunks Children's Book Review

Follow three adorable little elephants - Poco, Loco and Toco - on their adventures. Written by Balachander Vijayakumar, a father of a three year old who demands a new tale every evening, the stories use simple language and familiar settings - with just a touch of the surreal as the elephants go about their day! The books are illustrated by Janani Balachander, who apparently finished the illustrations for the second the day before her daughter was born. That's dedication!

The elephants in both text and art are super cute and, most importantly of all, the stories got my four year old daughter's seal of approval.

The Elephants and the Chocolate Cake'It's Poco's special day, and Loco, Toco, and Poco set off on an important quest: they must find the biggest, CHOCOLATIEST cake to make the celebrations perfect.'

This is a cute short story following the trio as they visit various London bakeries, looking for a cake big enough for an elephant. Marianna was very taken with the idea of a HUGE chocolate cake and promptly reminded me that it is only a few months until her own birthday...

The book is available from Amazon in hardback (£9.99), paperback (£6.99), or on Kindle (£2.99) - right now it's also free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

The Elephants and the Leaking Tap'When their faucet springs a leak, three young elephants search for the right person to fix their problem. Is it a painter, a doctor, or someone else? Join in on the fun as these three elephants solve the problem together.'

This one was mine and Marianna's favourite, not least because it rhymes! It was a really fun way of discussing different professions, and quickly branched out into talking about what jobs friends and relatives have. Marianna said that when she grows up she wants to be a ballet dancer. :)

The book is available from Amazon in paperback (£6.99), or on Kindle (£2.99) - right now it's also free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

We were sent an e-copy of the books to review, but our thoughts and opinions are our own.

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