Friday, 18 October 2019

Five Names...

Friday Five


I was always very taken with the name Marianne from Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. For whatever reason I was convinced it would be pronounced Mariann-uh, and decided that to get something similar I would have to use the spelling Marianna - otherwise it would be a silent 'e' all the way. It's actually a more common name than I imagined; there were 27 Mariannas born in 2017, compared to just 11 [Nanny] Wendys.

Still, even though I was set on Marianna right from the beginning of the pregnancy, here are a few potential alternatives that almost made the grade...

#5. John

First choice boy's name, after my granddad. Anthony Jr was dismissed out of hand.

#4. Jake

My favourite boy's name until an inconsiderate cousin stole it for their offspring!

#3. Bronwen

Back in school this was the name I would give my future daughter.

#2. Cassandra

This was Anthony's favourite girls' name. As I was the one incubating and birthing the baby this did not influence the decision.

#1. Robin

Possibly with Christopher alongside it...

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Friday Five

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