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L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Fashion Dolls

MGA Entertainment's L.O.L. Surprise! dolls are kind of ubiquitous these days, with various spin-off lines. This post is about the O.M.G. fashion dolls introduced in 2019. They stand 11 inches (27cm) tall, and are articulated at elbow and wrist - but not at knee or ankle.

LOL OMG Fashion Dolls

★ Swag - box / contents.
★ Royal Bee - box / contents.
★ Neonlicious - box / contents.
★ Lady Diva - box / contents.

LOL OMG Fashion Dolls and Boxes

LOL OMG Winter 2019 Fashion Dolls

The second wave of dolls, 2019's Winter Disco range, included four dolls with their little sisters, plus a special collector's edition doll with light-up backdrop called Crystal Star.

★ Dollie - box / contents.
★ Cosmic Nova - box / contents.
★ 24K DJ - box / contents.
★ Snowlicious - box / contents.
★ Crystal Star - box front / contents / back.

LOL Crystal Star Fashion Doll

LOL Surprise Glamper

Although it doesn't include any fashion dolls, the 2019 L.O.L. Glamper is designed to be used with them, alongside the regular L.O.L. output. The massive L.O.L. Amazing Surprise set included two exclusive O.M.G. fashion dolls: Downtown BB and Uptown.

LOL Amazing Surprise

There was another exclusive fashion doll included with the Winter Disco Bigger Surprise Case, called Shadow.

LOL OMG Winter Disco Bigger Surprise

LOL OMG Surprise January 2020 Fashion Dolls

January 2020

★ Busy B.B. - box / contents.
★ Candylicious - box / contents.
★ Miss Independent - box / contents.
★ Alt Grrrl - box / contents.

February 2020 - 'Lights'

★ Groovy Babe - box / contents.
Dazzle - box / contents.
Angles - box / contents.
Speedster - box / contents.

L.O.L. Surprise O.M.G. Fashion Dolls Lights

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