Tuesday, 1 October 2019

My Dream Horse with Petplan Equine

My Dream Horse with Petplan Equine at www.babiafi.co.uk

Marianna, like most kids, loves horses. There was a bit of sticky moment when she got up close and personal with her very first real life horse - the amazingly named Crazy Shoes - at an open day at West Mon High School, but she soon recovered.

The only thing better than a horse, of course, is a magical horse. As a kid I had a beloved My Little Pony with wings who was clearly 5000x cooler than his equine brethren, and Marianna has been obsessed with unicorns since before she could say the word.

So, when tasked with drawing her dream horse, to be turned into a soft toy, Marianna got straight to work.

My Dream Horse with Petplan Equine

I did question whether she was sure this was her final submission, only to be told that this was clearly the most beautiful unicorn ever envisioned. Obviously. It featured Marianna's signature 'M' - included in every piece of artwork, be it on paper or scrawled up the freshly painted stairwell - plus a vicious looking horn, and a rainbow tail and mane.

Feeling like I should probably apologise to the poor person tasked with bringing this to life, I emailed it off and waited to see what they would make of it. I have to admit I was totally amazed at how they managed to make Marianna's drawing a 3D reality. It has everything from the little ears to the lopsided M!

Petplan Equine Dream Horse

An overjoyed Marianna announced she was naming the new arrival 'Liver'.

As in the organ.

Liver was then taken up to her bedroom to meet some of her new playmates. Since then she has been taken to the library and the park, McDonalds and Nanny Wendy's. Her best friends, so I'm told, are the quartet of Zelfs who ride her around the house while the rest of us are asleep in our beds at night.

Zelfs and Liver

In fact, Liver is being so well loved that we've already had to talk about how we can keep her in tip top condition. Not covering her in felt tip pen, for instance, and refraining from swinging her around by her tail. If your pet horse is more of the living and breathing variety check out Petplan Equine, you can get a range of policies from 12 month cover to their market leading Covered for Life® policies!

What do you think of Liver? And what would your dream horse look like?

This post has been made possible thanks to Petplan Equine, but all thoughts and opinions are our own!

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