Thursday, 10 October 2019

Old MacDonald had a Farm

Old MacDonald had a Farm in Welsh - Roedd gan Ewyrth Ifan Fferm
Roedd gan Ewyrth Ifan Fferm

Old MacDonald is kind of ubiquitous. All around the world parents are suffering animals clucking, mooing, baaing, and all manner of local variants. This week we've had Rily Publications' Welsh version out from the library, Roedd gan Ewyrth Ifan Fferm (Uncle Ifan had a Farm). Because there is no way I will remember once I've returned it, I put together a little lyrics poster for future reference. :)

It always interests me how meanings have to change to get translated lyrics to keep time with the music. Instead of, say, moo-ing here, there and everywhere, in Welsh the chorus goes: with a little moo-moo, a big moo-moo, moo-moo, moo-moo, all day long. Of course, I then had to go check out other translations.

Here are a few of my faves...

Japan lives up to expectations with this Pokemon themed rendition of 'Yukai-na Makiba' aka 'Happy Farm'. Some Japanese animal noises include 'wan wan' (woof woof), 'buu buu' (oink oink), 'hihiin' (neigh), 'chuu chuu' (squeak squeak), and 'nyaa nyaa' (meow meow).

In Serbia the same tune is used for the ditty 'Svako jutro jedno jaje organizmu snagu daje', translating to something like 'an egg a day gives us strength'. Indeed.

The Danish version is Jens Hansen havde en bondegård, or Jens Hansen had a Farm. In Denmark animals go 'vov vov' (woof woof), 'Øf Øf' (oink oink), 'vrinsk' (neigh), 'piv-piv' (squeak), and 'mjav' (meow).

China goes no frills with Mr. Wang Had Some Land (王老先生有块地). The chorus is pretty much just the animal noise over and over and over!

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