Tuesday, 29 October 2019

To Pitch or Not To Pitch

To Pitch or Not To Pitch

That is the question!

I began this blog almost five years ago and ever since it has been a fairly constant struggle to define what I want from it. Is it a repository of all the random interests clogging up my brain? Or is it a record of family life and Marianna's early years?

Or, is it what I initially envisaged it being, a side business that brings in some much needed cold hard cash every year?

At the moment it's a messy mix of all three. It gives me an outlet for the research I want to do without demanding academic footnoting, and it provides a platform for family life that is super easy to share with Nanny. It even makes a contribution to the housekeeping occasionally, not in the form of money but in products for review or little treats I couldn't justify shelling out on.

Books and Teddies
Like books and personalised soft toys...

Part of me feels I should strip out the randomness and do what all the blogging guides tell me: find a single niche and make this place collaboration friendly. Less gory details of local historical crime stories and way more easy-to-share listicles and sponsored giveaways.


The rest of me doesn't want to give up what makes this labour of love worth continuing. And it can't be going so awfully. Since getting back into blogging in 2019 I've slowly improved my rankings on the various go-to measures. My Kred score is creeping upwards, and I'm currently ranked #100 on the Tots100 and #32 on the parenting Rise chart.

I suppose the real question is whether that really matters? Because all the stats in the world aren't enough to make pitching for work feel any easier. Every time I go to fill in one of those boxes asking some variation of 'why should we pick you?' imposter syndrome rears its ugly head. Why should they pick me? My engagement rates aren't great. My photography isn't up to snuff. Years on and I've still got fewer than 3,000 followers on Instagram.

Blogging is an oversaturated market and there is nothing I can do that somebody else can't do better.

Except, I guess, be me.

Which brings us full circle back to the initial problem. If I want to make some money I need to lose the weirdness. But if I lose the weirdness, what makes this different from any of the other things I don't really want to do but have to if I like having the heating on at this time of year?

So, for now, at least, I'll stick with the status quo. This place is my own carefully cultivated collection of randomness, and of the occasional brand work I take on, 85% or so is with PR people who approach me.

It's not perfect.

But, then again, what is?

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