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Twilight Teens

Simba Toys Twilight Teens 2013

Simba Toys launched their own range of Monster High-esque dolls in 2013. They used the same body and head sculpts as their Super Models line, standing at 10 inches tall with rooted hair, painted faces, and points of articulation. The line began with four characters - though most of the sets contained only three - with a further three added in 2014 before the dolls were discontinued.

There were initially styling heads advertised, but I'm not sure if they ever made it to shop shelves.

Twilight Teens Dolls

★ Ghoolivia. (box front / back)
★ Ghostilla. (box front / back)
★ Snaky. (box front / back)
★ Zombia. (box front / back)

Twilight Teens

Twilight Teens BeachcarTwilight Teens Scooter
Twilight Teens Wardrobe

★ Beachcar + Snaky. (box front / back)
★ Scary Scooter + Ghostilla. (box front / back)
★ Spooky Wardrobe + Zombia. (box front / back)

Twilight Teens School

★ Ghostilla. (box front / back)
★ Snaky. (box front / back)
★ Zombia. (box front / back)

Twilight Teens School

Twilight Teens Midnight Brides

Perhaps not having quite thought through the implications, Simba Toys came in for some flack for their teenaged Midnight Brides sub-line...

★ Ghostilla. (box front / back)
★ Snaky. (box front / back)
★ Zombia. (box front / back)

Twilight Teens 2014

A limited second wave release followed in early 2014.

★ Pantheria. (box front / back)
★ Voodoona. (box front / back)
★ Nemonia. (box front / back) - see review at Monkfish's Dolly Ramble.

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