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Bandai Locksies

Bandai Locksies Dolls

Locksies were a short lived brand from Bandai, introduced in 2014 and designed to cash in on the popularity of their Harumika line. (AKA, sets which let aspiring young fashion designers create outfits by fixing clothing to miniature mannequins.) Locksies had the same slit in their backs as the Harumika mannequins, along with a plastic stylus for pushing the fabric into it to pin outfits in place.

The dolls stand 12cm, i.e. about 6 inches, tall. There are four characters in total, plus four pets, furniture sets, cars, and various fashion packs.

Locksies Dolls

Bandai Locksies Dolls

★ Mikki (pink hair) - box front / box back.
★ Kari (brown hair) - box front / box back.
★ Elli (purple hair) - box front / contents.
★ Rikki (blonde hair) - box front / box back.

Locksies Fashion On The Go

Fashion On The Go

★ Mikki - box front.
★ Rikki - box front.

Bandai Locksies Dolls and Pets

Fashion Zoo

★ Elli and Lilli Lamb - box front.
★ Kari and Pinki Piggi - box front.
★ Mikki and Lizzi Monkey - box front.
★ Rikki and Posh Panda - box front.

Locksies Designer RoomLocksies Slumber Party In Style

Designer Room

★ Lounge in Style with Kari - box front / box back.
★ Slumber Party in Style with Elli - box front /.
★ Accent Chair Design Set - box front / contents.
★ Vanity Design Set - box front / contents.

Locksies Accent Chair Design SetLocksies Vanity Design Set

Locksies Ride in Style Car

Not only did the Locksie car have wicked eyelashes, it also transformed into a dressing table. What more could a girl ask for?

★ Ride in Style - box front.
★ Ride n' Style with Rikki - box front / contents / box back.

Locksies Rikki and Ride n' Style

Locksies All About Neon Fashion PackLocksies Everyday Fab Fashion Pack
Locksies Party In StyleLocksies Spinkle Me Pink

Fashion Refill Packs

★ All About Neon.
★ Everyday Fab.
★ Party In Style.
★ Sprinkle Me Pink.
★ School Dance Glamour.
★ School's In Session.
★ Slumber Party Fun.
★ Spring Love.

Locksies School Dance GlamourLocksies School's In Session
Locksies Slumber Party FunLocksies Spring Love

Bandai Locksies

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