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Beautiful Blessings Dolls

Beautiful Blessings Fashion Dolls

Founded by Raveen James, this American doll company is on a mission to teach children that beauty comes from within. The dolls, launched in January 2017 with Virtuous Lady, are designed to have realistic proportions and to encourage girls to 'feel comfortable and proud in their own skin'. Two new dolls joined the line-up in November 2017, Deborah and Mary, with the eventual plan for 15 different characters.

These 12 and half inch dolls retail for $44.99 each. For more information check out the website: https://www.iamabeautifulblessing.com

Beautiful Blessings Virtuous Lady DollBeautiful Blessings Virtuous Lady

Virtuous Lady -

"More Than Just a Pretty Face: Not only is The Virtuous Lady a beautiful African-American doll, she represents a confident and intelligent girl. Her skin color is not what's most important, it's her character. She's kind and ambitious. Her positive attitude, faithfulness, and good spirit shine through. Her affirming self-image reminds each of us to be the best version of ourselves."

Beautiful Blessings Deborah Doll

Deborah -

"A Powerful Woman: Deborah is a powerful leader dressed in her red suit laced with rhinestones. She is a woman of many talents! Deborah represents strength and no matter the challenge, she EXCELS! Deborah is a role model. She reminds our young ladies that strength is beautiful!"

There is an in-depth review of Deborah with great comparison pics of the doll with other playline staples at Black Doll Collecting.

Beautiful Blessings MaryBeautiful Blessings Mary Doll

Mary -

"Mary, dressed in a classic black and white skirt suit ensemble emphasizes the importance of embracing your differences and not shying away from the special characteristics that make young girls uniquely themselves."

Beautiful Blessings CamouflageBeautiful Blessings Polkadot

Fashion Packs - $15 each.

 - Green Camouflage Top, Long Skirt and Green Shoes.
 - Pink and White Polkadot Top, Shorts, Pink Purse and White Shoes.
 - Pink Mermaid Dress with Green Trim.

Beautiful Blessings Mermaid DressBeautiful Blessings

Beautiful Blessings Dolls

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