Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Mini Mart: Even Tinier

Even Tinier miniature Polly Pocket

Supplier: Even Tinier
Website: Etsy Store.

Hand sculpted by Marina Sokalskaya, the amazing miniatures at Even Tinier have long been on my wishlist - they have everything from fishing tackle clip boxes to 1/12 scale Kinder eggs complete with opening capsule and toy! I decided I would get one this year as a Christmas present to myself, expecting that it would arrive from Russia sometime in December. I was super happy then to open my mail and find the tiniest Polly Pocket replica you ever saw.

Even Tinier miniatures on Etsy

The set is actually 1:114 scale (i.e. roughly 1/12 scale from the perspective of a 1/12 scale doll) and set me back £50 which is about mid range for the store. It's so cute and detailed, and definitely a highlight of my toy collection.

Post and Packing: Free shipping.

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