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Tutorial: 1/6 Baker Ross Craft Pack

Miniature Crafts

We received a Baker Ross catalogue in the post yesterday, full of crafty goodness, and it got me to thinking about how I could use it in a miniature setting. I've seen a 1/12 scale paper craft pack on Delph Miniatures, but that's like £2.50 and I'd rather make one at home for nothing...

You Will Need:

 - Paper
 - Scissors
 - Ruler
 - Washi Tape
 - Cellophane
 - Heat Source
 - Baker Ross Catalogue! (/printer)

Doll House Miniature Paper Craft

First up, grab your Baker Ross catalogue and flip to the craft paper section. Cut out one of the little labels. (Alternatively, you can print a label out.)

Sixth Scale A4 Paper

Next you need to create your A4 paper. I used a scale calculator to work out the measurements, taking 1/1 A4 (297mm x 210mm) down to 1/6 scale (49.5mm x 35mm), then got busy with my scissors. As you can see you don't need your own supply of fancy craft paper - here I'm upcycling an envelope which contained some junk mail this morning.


Paper done, it's time to make the packaging. You can either use sheet cellophane, or one of those little packaging bags you get around greetings cards and so on. Cut it to size - i.e. just a few millimetres bigger than your paper width wise, and a few more length wise so you can fold the top over.

how to make doll size packaging

Now you need to seal up your cellophane. Any kind of heat source will do really - you can hold scissor blades over a candle flame then lay them flat over the edges you want to join, or put some baking paper over those edges and run an iron over them. I like to use a mini soldering iron because it's quick and easy. [Leave this bit to adults, younger readers!]

Doll House Miniature Craft Pack

All that's left to do is pop in your little paper sheets and the Baker Ross label you cut out earlier. Fold the top of the packet over and seal with a little bit of washi tape (masking tape or a sticker will do just as well) and, huzzah, mini crafts galore!

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