Thursday, 28 November 2019

Tutorial: Miniature Doll Stickers

How to make miniature stickers

There is a reason I usually buy miniature books - I hate making them! Still, I made up a few little exercise books for Licca's desk recently and then wanted to jazz them up a bit. Here's my super easy tutorial for making miniature stickers.

You will need:

 - Scissors
 - Glue
 - Sticker
 - Teeny Tiny Pictures
 - Hole Punch

making miniature stickers for dolls

In the interests of cost free crafting, I'm using pictures cut out of the trusty Baker Ross catalogue and a bunch of old football stickers my mum gave me. Any sticker will do or, if you don't have any stickers, you could use double sided tape or even normal tape if you stick it to sticker backing paper (or anything else you can easily peel it off of) first. I've punched a hole out of the top right of the sticker to help me judge whether pictures I like are going to be the right size.

miniature stickers tutorialtiny stickers

Once you've found some suitable pictures, cut them out and glue them onto the sticker. That done, just pry the bottom off your hold punch so you can line the picture up in the hole. Press it down and, hey presto, miniature sticker. All that remains is to find places to stick them. :)

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