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Fugglers are my new favourite things. Seriously. Every time I look at mine - imaginatively named 'Fuggler' - I can't help but smile. They're so great I ended up getting another for Marianna within the week; she named her red Fuggler 'Pelan' and it is, apparently, both a princess and a lady.

They're the brainchild of Louise McGettrick, a children's book author who stumbled across a bag of false teeth on eBay and, in her own words, laughed until she cried at the idea of some little old dear using them to make teddy bears. She ended up becoming the little old dear of the tale, running up some proto-Fugglers on her rickety sewing machine and putting them up on Etsy in 2011.

Before long the Fugglers had a cult following and in 2018 Mrs McGetterick teamed up with Spin Master to mass produce the little monsters. I love that they've kept the off the wall sense of humour that made the original Fugglers so appealing, right down to the newsletter sign-up (and regret everything) and the FAQ answer as to whether Fugglers make a good gift (For sure! If you truly despise the recipient). :)

Fuggler Boxes

The other great thing about Fugglers - aside from the fact they literally have a butt(on) hole - is their packaging. In a time where we've come to accept that every toy we buy will be shrouded in layers upon layers of plastic, Fugglers arrive in an easy to open cardboard box. Their only accompaniments are a singly plastic tag to keep them in place and a paper adoption certificate with a unique reference number so you can register them online.

Fugglers come in a range of sizes: large (12"), medium (9"), and small plastic blind boxed versions - plus keyrings, t-shirts, and other merch. There is a full list of the ones available at Fugglife. The best price I've found is at Bargain Max where you can pick the medium up from £6.99 each.

So, go on, check 'em out. We all need a Fuggler in our lives!


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