Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Tutorial: Miniature Orchard Toys Jigsaw

Miniature Orchard Toys Jigsaw Puzzle

Orchard Toys are a British company who grew from modest beginnings making blocks and stencils for local schools. Today, over 40 years later, they're one of the best known names for children's educational games and puzzles. You can get a free Orchard Toys catalogue with perfectly 1/6 scale sized goodies by filling out the online request form.

Wait a few days and, huzzah, you're ready to make some miniatures!

You will need:

Envelope / Card

Miniature Jigsaw Puzzle

Flick through your catalogue and find a likely looking subject. Make sure you choose a picture that is forward facing - some of them are photographed at an angle leaning towards flat, meaning it will look strange when cut out. Roughly cut it out and pritt stick it to the manilla envelope it arrived in; this will make it look more realistic, as if it has a cardboard back.

The paper quality of the catalogue is really nice, so you don't really need to strengthen the picture. You might want to glue a few layers of envelope to it, anyway, to make it look more like a young child's chunky jigsaw.

Make a miniature doll jigsaw

All that's left to do is cut along the little jigsaw lines. It's a bit fiddly with regular paper scissors, but doable, and if you do want to tidy up the edges afterwards you can just give them a quick once over with an emery board.

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