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Big Beautiful Dolls

Big Beautiful Dolls

The Big Beautiful Doll Company burst onto the scene back in 1999 with the first line of voluptuous fashion dolls. BBD, created by Georgette Taylor and Audrey Bell-Kearney, quickly garnered media attention and one of their dolls, Dasia, was nominated for the 2002 Doll Award of Excellence.

In 2014 Georgette Taylor began talking about plans to re-release the dolls, as in this guest post at Black Doll Collecting. By the end of 2015 Georgette had set up the I AM Beautiful Doll Company, and showcased the prototype for new doll Nikia to great acclaim at the Detroit Doll Show.

Georgette Taylor and Nikia Doll
Nikia Doll

'Body Art' Nikia was initially planned to be the first of a whole line of dolls with gorgeous lingerie. Nikia would be a limited edition of 600, with an estimated shipping date of May 2016. New-old stock of the original three dolls was also offered up for sale for $38 plus shipping, and pre-orders opened for new casts and Nikia, providing they hit at least 300 orders. Sadly that threshold wasn't reached and BBD disappeared from the doll scene once again.

In 2017 however there was a self-published book released by Audrey Bell-Kearney, Dasia: The Story Of A Big Beautiful Doll: The First Plus-Size Fashion Doll.

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