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Capsule Chix

Capsule Chix Built To Be You-nique

Capsule Chix, designed by Garret Sanders - aka the guy behind Monster High, are a really fun take on the current trend for blind boxed dolls and figures. Instead of the standard box or LOL egg, all the bits come in separate plastic capsules, packaged in a cardboard box with a working release mechanism. Just turn the handle and out pops a capsule.

The dolls themselves are c. 12cm tall, have 14 points of articulation, and easily snap together. They come with their own stands, clip on plastic hair, bags, shoes, and clothing, meaning if you buy more than one you can mix and match just about everything. As the limbs, hands, and feet are so easy to take apart, you can even swap body parts between them. (The hand pegs are a perfect fit for Azone picco neemo too - and probably other lines but I didn't get that far!)

Capsule Chix

Knowing my love of 1/12 scale and capsule toys, I received one for Christmas and it was so much fun unboxing all the pieces. There is a lot of packaging as the bits are blind bagged inside the capsules, but it's no worse than any of its competitors and at least the bags are recyclable. The issue I did have was similar to a lot of articulated 1/12 scale dolls - the torso joint doesn't stand up to, well, any movement. Just like Obitsu 11cm, you try and sit them down and you've got to put them back together. The other joints were a little stiff, but careful manoeuvring got them moving just fine.

Capsule Chix are produced by Moose Toys (of Shopkins fame) and retailed for £15 each on release in November 2019. At launch there were four 'collections': Ctrl Alt Magic, Giga Glam, Ram Rock, and Sweet Circuits. There was also an Ultimix range, available either as a full set of four, or as twin packs.

The best thing about Capsule Chix' concept, imo, is that you can reuse the box and capsules again and again. I covered mine in metallic paper, added a ton of stickers, and use it as a mystery craft box for my daughter. We have a weekly after school schedule so, on the designated 'crafts day', she gets to turn the handle, open the capsule, and find a little note with the craft we're going to be doing. It's cute and prevents 52 weeks straight of Hama beads... :)

Capsule Chix Recycled Box

Read on for pictures of the full range...

Capsule Chix Range

Capsule Chix Ctrl Alt Magic

Capsule Chix Ctrl Alt Magic Box FrontCtrl Alt Magic Box Back

Capsule Chix Giga Glam

Capsule Chix Giga Glam Box FrontCapule Chix Giga Glam Box Back

Capsule Chix Ram Rock

Capsule Chix Ram Rock Box FrontCapsule Chix Ram Rock Box Back

Capsule Chix Sweet Circuits

Capsule Chix Sweet Circuits Box FrontCapsule Chix Sweet Circuits Box Back

Capsule Chix Ultimate Pack

Capsule Chix Ultimix

capsule chix ultimix 4 pack

Capsule Chix Checklist
Capsule Chix Doll Checklist

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