Monday, 6 January 2020

Mini Mart: Sally Reader Miniatures

Sally Reader Miniatures

Supplier: Sally Reader Miniatures

Handmade 1/48 scale people and 1/12 scale dolls and teddy bears. I've wanted that orange teddy bear (£8) for ages - he looks really 1970s to my eyes, perfect for my dollhouse setting - and then I saw Dylan the Rabbit (£10) and couldn't resist. I rounded off my order with a tiny wooden doll (£5).

Sally Reader Miniatures Doll

My items arrived really quickly and I'm so happy with them! They're so detailed and perfectly in scale. I busted out my small lightbox and Azone Picco Neemo / Hasbro Black Series hybrid doll to snap a few pictures - it's all so cute!

Azone Picco Neemo doll and Sally Reader Miniatures

Post and Packing: £3.75 within the UK.

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