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Barbie BMR1959

Barbie BMR1959

A few years back if someone said Mattel would be blowing Integrity out of the water with stuff in their playline price range I'd have dismissed it out of hand. But, hey, here we are and Barbie has better joints (!), better diversity, and - arguably, sure - better fashions than the top end collector dolls.

Released in Autumn 2019, the 90s streetwear inspired line retails for just £24.99 each. Less, with some sellers. Each doll is fully articulated and comes with well made clothing, plastic shoes / boots, and a few accessories. I love the reduced plastic packaging, though sadly the girls are still anchored in with plastic head ties, and they all ship with their own special BMR1959 stands for display too.

The second wave of four dolls was released in July 2020.

Barbie BMR1959 GHT91Barbie BMR1959 GHT91 Box


I'm still not completely sold on the little bun thing, but everything else is on point. Even those hot pink trainers! Initially, I wasn't sure whether I would keep this one in tact or use the body for one of my floating heads. Having it in hand, though, the face has some real attitude and the braids look great.

Barbie BMR1959 GHT92Barbie BMR1959 GHT92 Box


The face paint on this one is so pretty and naturalistic - the detail in her eyebrows is awesome! I love the outfit too; it puts me in mind of the United Colours of Benetton Barbies from the early 1990s. This doll uses the tall made to move body.

Barbie BMR1959 GHT93Barbie BMR1959 GHT93 Box


Fully articulated Ken - what more do I need to say?

Barbie BMR1959 GHT94Barbie BMR1959 GHT94 Box


I'm not sure about the head yet, but the body was worth the purchase on its own. The boots are really nicely detailed too, though I'm selling on the outfit. It's well made but just doesn't do it for me.

Barbie BMR1959 GHT95Barbie BMR1959 GHT95 Box


This is my least favourite doll in the line up but, again, the promise of a fully articulated petite body was enough to crack open my purse strings. I swapped the head out as soon as it arrived with the Spring '19 Fashionista with the green mohawk. The skin tone of this body is noticeably darker than the Fashionista head, unfortunately, but it'll probably be fine once it's redressed. And her green fingernails now match her hair. ;)

Barbie BMR1959 GHT96Barbie BMR1959 GHT96 Box


How cool is this doll!? Also, I was really impressed that Mattel gave him plastic undersleeves to protect against any colour transfer from the jacket. It's details like that which are really setting Mattel apart these days.

Barbie BMR1959 Dolls

Barbie BMR1959 GPF14


Barbie BMR1959 GPF15


Barbie BMR1959 GPF16


Barbie BMR1959 GPF17


Barbie BMR1959 Wave 2

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  1. Arent't these wonderful! I have the green haired boy and the curly blonde, I love their clothes and look. And the doll stands! I hope that we will see more of these MTM-bodied dolls with excellent quality clothing. Your little girl's doll party seems like a lot of fun. :)


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