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Dizzy Rhino Party in a Box

Dizzy Rhino

A couple of weeks ago I had the awesome news that I'd won a party in a box from Dizzy Rhino. Established in late 2018, Dizzy Rhino aim to take the hassle out of kids' entertainment - you can order a small activity kit from £17.50 right through to a whole party in a box for six children aged 7+ for £135.

Marianna's birthday was already done and dusted by this point, but then I had the idea of getting the prize delivered for my mum's birthday on February 14th. We usually all go around and visit for tea, cake, and takeaway, and I figured it would be a good laugh for the adults as well as keeping Marianna occupied.

Dizzy Rhino Party in a Box

Each box contains three large activity boxes, party invites, thank you cards, party bags, wooden bunting, and a super cute memory frame with little wooden stars and top hatted rhinos for guests to write on. There are currently six different themed boxes to choose from - including Halloween, Pamper Me, and Unicorn - or you can build your own from the range of available activity kits.

Dizzy Rhino Packaging

I was particularly impressed by the dearth of plastic packaging. It seems like everything comes with a ton of bubble wrap these days which is great protection, but hardly environmentally friendly. The biodegradable packaging Dizzy Rhino use can be disposed of easily, or reused for hamper making, crafts, etc.

Anway, back to the contents... Our three activity boxes were 'fizzy bath bombs', 'super suds soap kit', and the 'tick-tock clock kit'. We decided to leave the soap for another day as it needed the most extra work (i.e. melting the soap), so first up was the bath bomb making. I didn't take a photo because, to be honest, it was kind of embarrassing the hash four adults managed to make of it!

The instructions advised less is more to create pretty pastel shades. Ours, well, was like a fizzed up explosion of green sludge. What I can say was that the whole process was hilarious, and shows you could easily use the kits for any kind of party, from a kids' sleepover right through to hen party shenanigans.

Dizzy Rhino Tick Tock Clock Activity Kit

After dinner we busted out the clock making activity kit. My mum went for a striking colour wheel, Marianna made a beautiful (in her own words) flower, and I painted a kind of scary looking eye. After the painting we all wrote on a piece for the memory frame and gave it to mum as a memento of the day.

As a concept I think the boxes are really well done. I love that it provides entertainment, but also keepsakes for everyone attending so, rather than the usual sweets and stickers, they have something that gives them a sense of achievement to remind them of the party. The kit instructions are easy to follow, and if you don't manage to get through everything in the box it's stuff you can use again.

Check out Dizzy Rhino's website and see the whole range for yourself. :)

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