Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Hairmazing Fashion Dolls

Hairmazing Fashion Dolls by Just Play

Just Play introduced their series of blind boxed Hairdorables dolls in 2018. Their 'Big Hair Don't Care' strapline and cutesy aesthetics hit a chord, and further waves followed - along with pets and accessories. For winter 2019 big sister Hairmazing dolls were introduced, proportioned more like a typical fashion doll but keeping the colourful hair.

Hairmazing Fashion Dolls

Wave One - from left to right:

★ Dee Dee - box front / box inner.
★ Harmony - box front / box inner.
★ Noah - box front / box inner.
★ Kali - box front / box inner.
★ Willow - box front / box inner.
★ Bella - box front / box inner.

Just Play Hairmazing Characters

Hairmazing Prom Perfect

Wave Two - Hairmazing Prom Perfect - was released in 2020.

★ DeeDee - box front / box inner.
★ Noah - box front / box inner.
★ Neila & Logan 2 Pack - box front / box inner.

Hairmazing Prom Perfect Neila and Logan

Hairmazing Fashion Pack

Hairmazing Fashion Pack - box front / box back.

Hairmazing 7 Pack

Just Play put out a budget pack of seven Hairmazing dolls in Summer 2021.

★ Xtreme Play Hairmazing - box front / box back.
(pink/mint | pink/yellow | blue | lilac | pink | purple | white)

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