Thursday, 24 September 2020

Social Media Profile A-Z

Social Media Profile A-Z

This month's A-Z is a run through of where to find me online.

A is for... Archive of our Own

Find my public account at babiafi.

How to post fanart to Archive of our Own AO3

B is for... Bloglovin'

The weird spelling always makes me think of Superbad's McLovin, but it's actually a network that serves as a blog reader. Find me at babiafi.

C is for... Canva

Okay, so it's less network and more graphic design platform, but you can share things with other users and refer friends.

D is for... DeviantArt

Yep, it's still going! I have an account at babiafi for when I go waste a couple of hours over there.

E is for... eBay

I mostly sell dolls and miniatures. Check out my listings under aeronwyn321.

F is for... Facebook

There's no escape from it! I have a page for my blog at babiandfi.

G is for... Gaia Online

Mini games, challenges, and collecting stuff to dress up your pixelated avatar. What's not to love? Find me at my main account, babiafi.

30 Days of Gaia Online Blog Challenge

H is for... Here

AKA Blogger, where you are right now!

I is for... Instagram

Find me posting infrequent dolly pictures at @babi_a_fi.

J is for... LiveJournal 

And its base code. I've still got a fandom Dreamwidth I use occasionally.

K is for... Kred

Find me at BABIAFI.

L is for... LinkedIn

Feel free to connect with me @jessicaclairepowell.

Ten Things Every Blogger Should Know About LinkedIn

M is for... Medium

I'll get around to using it one day, I'm sure. Find me @babiafi.

N is for... Nothing To See Here

There are lots of networks I'm just not on these days. I don't want to say I'm now old and uncool, but...

O is for... Old School

Drop me an email at

P is for... Pinterest

I'm a fairly heavy user of Pinterest, particularly for promo and referral codes. Find me at babiafi.

Grow Your Blog With Pinterest

Q is for...


R is for... [Good]reads

I go through phases with it, but when I'm reading a lot you can find me reviewing as Jessica Powell.

S is for... MySpace

Apparently it's still around. It's only on this list for nostalgia though. It was my first social network, and where I first learned how to write HTML.

T is for... Twitter

Find me @jess__powell.


U is for... Tumblr

As in my recently undeleted account, babiafiblog. I swore I wouldn't go back but Tumblr ensures it's a 100% nightmare operation to find anything unless you log in.

V is for... Visuals

Find my attempts at photography on Flickr at plastigffantastig88.

W is for... Wordpress

Although I don't host there, I did create an account as babiafi to make it easier to comment on other blogs.

X is for... X-Ray

Of all the networks I think this blog is the one that reveals the most of me. I.e. I can't help but have some new random interest every week which I need to document before forgetting all about...

Y is for... YouTube

I don't use YT for much other than watching, but I do have a channel set up in case I change my mind one day.

Z is for... Zzzzz

Over and out, all!

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