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50 Free Welsh Language Resources

50 Free Welsh Language Resources

Unlike literacy and maths, Welsh really isn't a subject we'll be using everyday without a concerted effort to do so. Every morning we've been doing three Duolingo lessons with Marianna - challenging for me and repetition of basic words and concepts for her - and then watching a couple of Welsh language cartoons to listen to the rhythm of the words and so on.

Here is a list of free Welsh language resources from around the web, ranging from GCSE revision guides to adult basics to children's cartoons uploaded to YouTube. Hopefully you'll be able to mix and match to suit your own needs over the next few weeks and months.

(I'd normally direct people to places like Sain Wales to buy hard copy media, but they're closed for the duration and we should try to lighten the load on the postal service to essentials besides.)

Apps. Handy rundown of Welsh language kids' apps from Montgomery Church in Wales School.

Atebol. Welsh language story time on YouTube.

Babi Siarc. There is no escape! I've got lyric sheets for it and other kids' songs HERE.

BBC Bitesize. GCSE Welsh language revision guides covering maths, science, ICT, and more.

BBC Radio Cymru. What it says on the tin.

Catchphrase. Resources for adults from the BBC - this is an archived page and various flash elements are no longer accessible.

CBeebies Cymraeg. Games, clips, colouring sheets, etc, for a range of CBeebies shows.

Ciwb. Welsh language lessons.

Clic. S4C's On Demand service. They have some pretty good shows for all ages.

Criw Celf. Learn to draw with cartoonist Huw Aaron.

Cwmni Da. YouTube channel with lots of clips from various Cwmni Da productions, including performances from Noson Lawen.


Cyw. The S4C equivalent of CBeebies; there are lots of little games to play and kid's shows to watch, usually with English subtitles available. The current line up includes Welsh language versions of The Large Family, Peter Rabbit, Peppa Pig, Octonauts, Bing Bunny, and lots more.

Deri Deg (Rocky Hollow). 1980s cartoon available on YouTube.

Dicwm Dacwm. S4C nursery rhyme show from 1990, find it on YouTube.

Dref Wen. Selection of free Welsh language children's audiobooks, including favourites like The Hungry Caterpillar and The Gruffalo.

Duolingo. This is a gamified language learning resource available on desktop and as an app - check out our full review of it. We have been using it for our daily Welsh practice but they have 35 different languages to choose from.

Ffalabalam. 1980s S4C live action pre-school show, there are a fair few episodes up on YouTube.

Gelert. 2007 animated story of Gelert with English subtitles.

Golwg360. Welsh language news site.

Gwersi Ukelele Gyda Mei Gwynedd. Learn ukelele with Mei Gwynedd.

Hedd Wyn (Blessed Peace). 1992 anti-war biopic, available in full with English subtitles on YouTube.

Kindle. There are a few free Welsh ebooks available on Amazon, and lots of them are available to borrow if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. There are also a few dozen Welsh language ebooks available on Project Gutenberg, and Archive of Our Own even has some Welsh fanfiction for a variety of different fandoms.

Welsh Flag Details of face to face Welsh language courses and various digital resources for adults.

Learn Welsh Games. Selection of simple games to get you working on your Welsh vocab skills. Similar games are also available at My Languages and Master Any Language.

Mudiad Meithrin. Early years' Welsh medium specialists with links to various free resources.

Music. Welsh music has so much more to offer than nursery rhymes and male voice choirs. Here's New Sound Wales' top 100 list to get you started.

Pacey. Curated list of Welsh language kids' activity ideas. Bilingual online magazine for adults.

Patagonia. 2010 Welsh-Argentine film available on YouTube.

Pobl Tresgidie (The Shoe People). Retro kids' cartoon available on YouTube.

Porc Peis Bach. Various episodes of this 1960s set family comedy drama are available on YouTube.

Primary Resources. Small selection of primary school Welsh language resources.

Radio. Aside from the BBC there are plenty of community radio stations broadcasting in Welsh. Check out Cymru FM, Radio Beca, Môn FM, and Capital Cymru.

Rala Rwdins. 1990s live action kids' show based on the books of the same name, available on YouTube.

Rhosyn a Rhith (Coming Up Roses). 1986 comedy film available in four parts on YouTube.

Sali Mali. You can run but you can't hide from one of Wales' most ubiquitous kids' characters. There are lots of episodes of the live action Caffi Sali Mali on YouTube at the moment.

Fireman Sam

Sam Tân (Fireman Sam). You can find episodes of the new CGI and the (far superior) stop motion versions on YouTube.

Siôn Corn (Father Christmas). Welsh language version of the 1991 adaptation of Raymond Briggs' children's book.

Slici a Slac (Toucan 'Tecs). 1990s S4C cartoon available on YouTube.

The National Library of Wales - Newspapers. Searchable collection of historical newspapers from across Wales.

Thomas y Tanc (Thomas the Tank). Lots of Welsh language Thomas the Tank Engine episodes on YouTube.

Twinkl provides lesson plans for primary aged children, including lots of Welsh language resources. You can access some 40,000+ free resources every day of the year, but at the moment Twinkl is offering free premium membership for all with code UKTWINKLHELPS. They have a good overview of everything they can offer HERE.

Tylluan Wen (White Owl). Welsh literature GCSE set text; you can watch the 1997 film version on YouTube.

Urdd Gobaith Cymru. Various tutorials for activities - from baking to singing - with the Welsh language youth organisation.

Welsh Classics. Scanned versions of some early Welsh literature, including the first book to be published in Welsh and the first full translation of the bible.

Wicipedia. Welsh language version of Wikipedia.

Wil Cwac Cwac. 1980s S4C cartoon available on YouTube.

WJEC Resources. Welsh second language and a few other Welsh medium resources from the WJEC exam board.

Y Mabinogi. 2003 mixed live action and animated children's film with English subtitles.


Y Sgerbyde (Funnybones). 1990s S4C cartoon available on YouTube. Welsh language podcasts gathered together in one place.

For more like this, please click the picture below:
Welsh Language / Iaith Cymraeg

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