Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Sindy Surprise House

Sindy Surprise Villa House

Sindy's Surprise Villa House is a three room fold out 1/6 scale doll house from 1996. Here are some photos from Amazon of how it looks straight out of the package:

Sindy Surprise HouseSindy Surprise House Kitchen
Sindy Surprise House Living RoomSindy Surprise House Bedroom

My mum gave Marianna a well played with one this week and I've got to admit that I'm super impressed with it! In the kitchen you can open the doors of the fridge and freezer, the washing machine, and the cooker. Plus you can slide the hob on and off, and slide the kitchen tap over to have the sink empty or full.

Sindy Surprise Villa Kitchen

The living room is missing its fold out sofa, but there are still little surprises to be found - you can pop a video out of the VCR, and the CD player and tape decks open.

Sindy Surprise Villa Living Room

My favourite room has to be the bedroom with its en suite shower though. The wardrobe folds down to form a bed and if you pull the tab at the window you can change the view from day to night!

Sindy Surprise Villa Bedroom

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