Thursday, 9 April 2020

Make History - Keep a Diary

Make History - keep a coronavirus diary

Gwent Archives are calling on local people to keep a dairy or journal - with a paper and pen, digitally, through pictures, audio, video, whatever you like - to deposit with them when the crisis is over. Historians of the future will then be able to use the diaries as primary sources for research.

Coronavirus Diary

Marianna and I began ours today. I wrote an overview of my thoughts on the crisis so far, then going forward I will write regular updates. I'm also getting Marianna to add a sentence in her own words each day as practice for sentence construction, writing, and the general added interest of a 5-year-old's observations.

Today's was: The virus is spreading but I hope it doesn't spread too much. People I love might get it.

Kind of summed up what it took me six pages to say!

Gwent Archives Diary Keeping

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