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Welsh UFO Sightings 1960

Welsh UFO Sightings

Sightings from 1960, largely from contemporary BUFORA bulletins.

South Wales
White and gold spinning disc.

The Western Mail of February 9th reported:

DOZENS WATCH DISC IN SKY. Process workers at the Royal Ordnance Factory at Pembrey, near Llanelly, were talking last night of the mysterious disc of light they saw travelling across a clear sky. 'It was the most astonishing thing I have ever seen,' said Mr Martin Walsh, aged 43, of Danybryn, Pembrey. 'I would say it was about 3,000 ft. up and measured as much as 400 yards across. The disc was spinning continuously. One moment it was gold, then it changed to white and then back to gold again.' Dozens of other employees also saw it. A friend of his in Pembrey village took a photograph of it. It shows a circle of white light silhouetted against the sky.

The Weekly Argus of February 13th reported: 

SAUCER OVER GWENT? A strange object similar to the one seen by hundreds of people in West Wales as it travelled at great speed across the sky has now been reported over Monmouthshire. It was on Sunday that the huge brilliantly lighted disc was seen by people in Llanelly and district. One astonished eyewitness took a photograph of it and the print has revealed a circle of white light in the sky. Shortly afterwards, a South Wales Argus reader Miss Rita Hatch of Broadhaven, Ton Mawr, Blaenavon, was waiting for a bus in Market Street, Blaenavon, when she saw a large spherical object, golden in colour and with a tail, speeding across the sky from South-West and in the direction of the North-East. Although similar "flying saucer" mysteries are often easily solved with the explanation that weather balloons sent up to record atmospheric conditions reflect in the sunlight, the Air Ministry were not able to say what was seen over Monmouthshire.

June 5th
White light with flares.

June 28th, 23:00
Hovering flashing light.

July 5th
Roath, Cardiff
Fireball falling.  

The Western Mail of July 5th reported:

MYSTERY FIREBALL IN SKY. A mysterious light which cross low in the sky above Cardiff early today was described by one observer as 'a brilliant ball of fire with bits falling off', and by another as 'just like a plane in distress'. 

"A huge white ball, with red flares coming from it, passed over us," Mr. Robert Cowan of Jellicoe Gardens, Roath, said. He watched the object from his house with seven other people. "At first we thought it might be a plane because of the flares," but said, "it was falling in the direction of St. Mallons."

A spokesman at the Royal Air Force Station at St. Athan, said that no reports had been received of missing aircraft.

And at Cardiff (Rhoose) Airport, a meteorological spokesman said, "We have not seen anything in the sky, and no reports have been made to us." He added that it could have been a meteorite.

People who saw it said there was no noise. "Just a silent ball of fire sailing through the sky," one said. 

Another man who watched the object through binoculars, Mr. George Rigby, of St. Isan Road, Heath, said it disappeared after two or three minutes... It was traveling rapidly.

Cardiff police received reports, but could not identify the object.

Gronant, Prestatyn

Friends who know my story may remember that my sister and i were abducted from the beach at Gronant near Prestatyn when we on holiday with my parents. We were missing for 4 hours which are a blank to us, we found ourselves walking down the single track through the campsite in a disorientated state. The bright sunshine of the morning had somehow gone and we were now being rained on, my sister even remembers the exact clothes she was wearing.  We were taken in by a family who were staying on the site and our parents were found, naturally they thought we`d been naughty. We had no explanation for our disappearance.

In my original account i stated my age as 7 and my sister 5, having discussed this at length with my sister we are now absolutely certain I was in fact 8  and my sister 6 years old. On returning home there followed a month during which i suffered terrible nosebleeds, something of which I never experienced with before or since, i`m convinced they were caused by an implant being placed in my nose.

There has been a further development in this story/account, my good friend VW who was one of 3 women taken by a UFO at Wrekin near Shrewsbury in the summer of 1981 has recently informed me she was also taken from a beach at Rhyl in North Wales. She was missing for several hours without any good explanation, the beach at Rhyl and at Gronant are a few miles apart, it now turns out our periods of missing time are both from 1960, we might of both been on the same craft. I believe that this once again shows how people who have these experiences are followed by the others throughout their lives and most certainly beyond.

VW - I don`t think i was missing for hours, I can remember playing on my own just a few yards from where  my mum, dad and sister were sitting. Then I was suddenly on my own with no family anywhere, like I was on a different part of the beach. We were in Rhyl visiting my Aunt & Uncle who were there for a week  in a caravan sited yards from there, I can remember feeling lost, crying, feeling upset and confused. A lady came over to see what was the matter. She took me to the main office on the site which had a room for lost children, i could see people walking past when I noticed my Aunt and Uncle walking past so i shouted to them. They took me back to the beach to look for my mum, dad and sister and they seemed to be still happily sat there unaware I had gone missing at all. Thinking back on it it was pretty weird ,do you think heir memories could of been tampered with, if so I could of been missing for a couple of hours or so. Other missing time periods had lasted about half hour or so.

Quoted from the SUFON listing, not sure where they got it from.

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