Friday, 5 June 2020

Friday Five: Stores Cwmbran Needs

Friday Five

Cwmbran Shopping is one of the major success stories of local shopping centres. It's the second largest shopping centre in Wales and, at times, footfall can rival that of Cardiff. All the same, there are still a few stores I would love to see...

#5. H&M

Kind of the midway point between Primark and a more branded clothes shop, and especially useful for cute kids' clothes.

#4. Tiger

We had a Flying Tiger but it closed down at New Year's. :( It was the best place for quirky storage and gifts so I wish it would return. Or they would at least start offering online shopping...

#3. Comics Store

A chain or an Indie, I'm not fussy. Just somewhere that stocks collectibles so I can go check them out in person before prying open my pursestrings.

#2. Paperchase

Because no town can have too many stationery shops.

#1. LUSH

LUSH is such a destination store, it's basically the only thing I go to Cardiff for these days. If we had one here I'd never need to leave the 'Bran again. ;)


Which one would you like most? Let me know in the comments! :)

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