Thursday, 11 June 2020

Mini Mart: Feel Toys

Feel Toys 1/12 Scale Shoes

Supplier: Feel Toys

Feel Toys are a Chinese company specialising in 'sexy' outfits and shoes for female action figures, particularly the Phicen TBLeague seamless variety. I'd never really paid them any attention before because, well, there is no shortage of 1/6 scale shoe makers and I'd never needed to. 

But. Over the last couple of years ever more action figure companies, including Phicen, have been dipping their toe into the world of 1/12 which means a) doll house hobbyists can finally get realistic jointed figures for a reasonable price, and b) all kinds of companies are making awesome 1/12 scale stuff now. (I could whinge about why it's only a scale worth investing in when men are collecting it, but it would only make me sound salty...)

Anyway, attractive 1/12 scale shoes have always been kind of difficult to come by. There are some amazing artisans, don't get me wrong, but I just can't justify spending that kind of money on a single pair of shoes I can't even wear. So, up to now, my go to has been trawling eBay for shoes from the New Moon 6" Sindy, Hornby Cassy, and the odd bargain from the Azone Picco Neemo range. 

FeelToys 1/12 Scale Shoes Picco Neemo

Then, one of my favourite UK miniature stores - Shepherd Miniatures - launched a range of amazing 3D printed shoes for £23 a pair. I splurged one time and, omg, they may be pricey but are so beautiful. That brings us back to Feel Toys. They are not as teeny tiny as the Shepherd Miniatures shoes, but you can get them for about £8 including postage. I couldn't resist!

Although they're advertised for the Phicen 1/12 scale dolls, I couldn't get their feet in and didn't want to risk breaking the delicate shoes by forcing the issue. The old style Picco Neemo S feet were way too small, and my recast Picco Neemo M feet were a little too big. The best fit I had was with the new Picco Neemo S body - they're a bit big, but not massively so. Plus they look awesome just littering the floor. :)

FeelToys Shoes

Post and Packing: N/A

Below is a comparison with the Shepherd Miniature shoes. They're too narrow for all my 1/12 doll feet, but you can angle them on a Picco Neemo or Heidi Ott foot for a quick pic. :) 

(Model - new style Picco Neemo S body with Black Series Hoth Leia head.)

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