Saturday, 4 July 2020

Barbie Week

Homeschooling with Barbie

For the last month or so homeschool has been a bit of a nightmare. Marianna has learned that if she tantrums long enough and hard enough my will to complete the work sent home is inevitably eroded. Her excuses range from not liking the books they're reading, to her hand suddenly hurting far too much to write the single word answers required of her, to the theory that if only she was doing something 'fun' (as opposed to the many and varied craft projects suggested by her school teacher) then she would be getting on with her work nicely...

So, in the interests of maintaining some semblance of sanity, I asked her to come up with fun topics she would want to focus on. The net result is lots of dolls, fairies, and princesses. But. I can totally work with that! Here is what we've been up to this week:


Introducing Barbie and Friends

 - Put together the Barbie jigsaw printable.
 - Cut and stick Barbie characters (printable A and B) to A3 sheet.
 - Discuss who's who and what they are to Barbie.
 - Stick relationship labels to sheet.
 - Break.
 - Read Barbie Ladybird book.
 - Fill out the About Me printable for Barbie.
 - Lunch.
 - Watch Wisconsin for Kids video on YouTube.
 - Complete Wisconsin worksheet.
 - Watch California for Kids video on YouTube.
 - Complete California worksheet

It was off to a bit of a rocky start but things improved in the afternoon. I left Anthony to read the book to M while I took what felt like half our house to the charity depot. By the end of the day I could actually point out an American state on the map and Marianna was a new devotee of Kelly/Shelly.


Barbie Through History

 - Try to put the Barbies and Kens in correct historical order. (Printable A and B)
 - Barbie was introduced in 1959. Watch original advert.
 - What was life like in the 1950s? Watch Keeping Clean and Neat (1956).
 - Break.
 - Watch old Barbie commercials.
 - What was life like in the 1960s and 1970s? Talk about things we know, eg. Mary, Mungo and Midge.
 - Watch Welcome to the 60s from Hairspray.
 - Use YouTube tutorials to learn how to Twist. 
 - Lunch.
 - Barbie and the Rockers. Discuss the differences between the 1980s and 1959.
 - What would we find different between today and the 1980s?
 - Complete Long Creations Covid-19 Time Capsule worksheets.


Barbie Careers

 - Think of ten jobs and write a list. Find out if Barbie has done them.
 - What job would you like to do? You Can Be Anything worksheet.
 - What new job do you think Barbie should do? Design a doll, outfit and accessories.
 - Write a letter to Mattel with the suggestion.
 - Lunch.
 - Bake cupcakes like Chef Barbie.
 - Make pizzas like Pizza Chef Barbie.
 - Complete McDonalds' Barbie Ballerina worksheet.


Barbie Fashion Design

 - Play Barbie dress up game on tablet. 
 - Colour in paper clothes according to Welsh language instructions.
 - Hang paper clothes on washing line according to Welsh language instructions.
 - Break.
 - Watch Barbie Fashion Secrets on YouTube.
 - Use printable body form to design an outfit for Barbie with craft materials.
 - Lunch.
 - Try sewing with styrofoam plates. (As seen on Make It, Love It.)
 - Sew a Barbie dress.

I was in virtual meetings on MS Teams for most of the day so we only did the paper clothes and the plate sewing. Marianna was really impressed with herself for sewing for the very first time.


Barbie Party!

 - Watch Barbie's Birthday Party on YouTube.
 - Make a checklist of things we need to do to host a party.
 - Write out party invites.
 - Organise food and entertainment.
 - Make a birthday card for Barbie.
 - Break.
 - Make decorations.
 - Decorate party room.
 - Lunch.
 - Make party snacks.
 - Paint nails, plus hair and make-up.
 - Dress.
 - Present Barbie project certificate.

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