Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Mini Mart: Wooden Tales Workshop

WoodenTalesWorkshop on Etsy

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I decided it was time to give the 1/6 scale house a bit of an overhaul so I sold on a lot of Re-ment and other stuff and ordered a load of flat pack furniture. This was pretty adventurous for me because, well, I'm not good with full scale flat packs and this only promised to be more frustrating. For the most part, thankfully, it was straightforward. Except for the corner wardrobe unit. The air was very blue whilst that was going together, and the less said about the state of the sides you can't see the better! 

But, finally, we're at the stage where it only needs a few little paint touch-ups and the drawer handles glued on. (The bottom drawer of the dresser is actually open not badly fitting, btw.) I'm going to raise the legs of the Sindy bed a bit too to bring it more into scale. Every time I look at it I can see all my mistakes in building but, overall, I'm very happy with how it looks and how much space there now is for displaying some of my favourite miniatures.

Wooden Tales Workshop Doll Furniture

The units were about £18 each and I also bought a selection of super cute laser cut ELC style wooden train sets for £25. I haven't got around to painting those yet - or setting up the baby's room they'll be going in...

Post and Packing: About £6 or free if you spend over $100.

Wooden Tales Workshop on Etsy

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