Monday, 31 August 2020

Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020

AKA the post where I keep track of what we're getting Marianna for Christmas / Birthday. (Because, of course, I had to arrange it so the two events are only a few days apart...) The biggest problem this year is just that she kind of already has everything - so suggestions on what to get a precocious almost six year old are very welcome!


★ Little Miss Book Collection.
★ Frustration Board Game.
★ Connect 4 Board Game.
★ 3x 'Lego' Animal Building sets.
★ Dream Wedding Sticker Book.
★ Lie Detector Game. (like the one they use on TotallyTV...)

★ Remote Control Car. [mum]
★ 3ft Barbie Doll. [mum]
★ Barbie Fashion Design Plates. [mum]


★ Night Skies 2021 Book.
★ Rizmo Interactive Pet.
★ Pyjamas.
★ Party Dress.
★ Rainbow Scratch Art Mini Notes Box.
★ Headphones.
★ Hide and Seek Periscope.
★ Mini Sewing Machine.
★ Glow / Light Drawing Board. 
★ Fashion Design Sketchbook.
★ Make It Real Fashion Design Book.
★ Make It Real Paint Pouring Craft Kit.
★ Friendship Bracelet Craft Kit.
★ Double Sided Art Easel.
★ Art Supplies.

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