Monday, 17 August 2020

M&S Little Shop

M&S Little Shop

Spend £20 on food at Marks and Spencer and bag yourself a blind bagged branded miniature. As with similar miniaturised product lines (think Zuru Surprise Mini Brands, Coles Little Shop, Lidl Shop, etc) the scale is kind of hard to pin down. Some stuff is clearly 1/6 scale. Some is clearly 1/4. Most of it is somewhere in between. 

Last week we bought Marianna a new doll house via eBay and Shiply, and in with all the bits and pieces were a few M&S Little Shop items. I can't even remember the last time I set foot in a M&S - and we're not even counting lockdown - so it was the first time I'd actually seen any in the flesh. Contrary to all expectations, I was really impressed with them and have taken to eBay to bid on a bunch of the frozen food. Fingers crossed! 

Marks and Spencer Little Shop 2019

Little Shop launched in 2019 with 25 items to collect. 26 if you include the ultra rare (LE of 1000) golden Percy Piggy Bank. Click on the item from the list below to see its promo pic -

★ British Petits Pois.
★ Canned Tuna Steak.
★ Balanced For You Scottish Salmon.
★ Collection Peruvian Coffee Beans.
★ Super Seeded Bread.
★ Made Without Chocolate Cookies.
★ Chicken Tikka Masala.
★ Cornish Cove Mature Cheddar.
★ Chicken, Mushroom & Rice Soup.
★ Acacia Honey.
★ Perfect Pick British Strawberries.
★ Sensitive Washing Up Liquid.

There were also a small range of accessories available to enhance the play factor for kids:

M and S Little Shop Accessories

M&S Little Shop 2 Checklist

Little Shop returned in summer 2020 for a second wave of 25 items, running until August 31st. This year's rare was a golden Colin the Caterpillar, with a limited edition of 1000 pieces. Click on the item from the list below to see its promo pic - 

M&S Food Little Shop

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