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Migros Mini Mania

Migros Mini Mania - Switzerland Little Shop

Switzerland kicked off the Little Shop trend in 2013 with Mini Mania at Migros, both the largest employer and supermarket chain in the country. Migros runs these kind of campaigns multiple times a year, gifting shoppers a free blind bagged miniature for every 20 CHF spent. 

All the Mini Mania stuff I've had has run big and is best suited for 1/4 or even 1/3 scale. Probably the best fit from this series for 1/6 is the Soft comfort toilet roll.
 Migros Mini Mania 
There were 52 miniatures to collect. Click on the item below to see an individual picture of it - the promo pics seem to be lost to the swirling mists of internet past so the images are from various ebay and aliexpress listings. 

1. MiniMania Card.
2. Der Orange Riese M Charm.
3. Miggy Charm.
4. Surprise.
6. Carrots.
7. Apples.
8. ?
9. Zwieback. (rusk bread)
10. Riesen-Cervelas. (sausages)
12. Chicken.
13. Eggs.
16. Le Gruyere. (cheese)
21. Fit Flakes.
26. Belvita.
32. Rosti.
33. Mifloc. (instant mash)
36. Anna's Spatzli. (pasta)
42. Pelican Fish Fingers.
43. Pommes Frites. 
44. Ice Tea.
51. pH-Balance Soap.
53. Migros Plasters.
55. Handy.

To go along with the minis you could get a play checkout, shopping cart, basket, till and money. There was also a collector's album, and a limited edition series of 16 extra grocery miniatures:

Mini Mania Limited Edition

2. Hand Cream.
3. Bon Chef Bouillon.
4. Bon Chef Soup.
5. Happy Hour.
6. Sausages.
7. Sandwich Paste.
8. Selina Adult Cat Food.
9. Ham.
10. Pastini.
11. Frey Mahony Chocolate.
12. Fish.
13. Juice.
14. Pasta.
15. Pasta.
16. ?

Migros Mini Mania Checklist

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