Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Mini Mart: RoomBoxRU

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Laser cut wooden furniture for 1/6, 1/4, and 1/3 scales. I just had to get the 1/6 scale IKEA corner MICKE desk (£44); I have the same one in the spare room / home office (where the doll house lives) so it was too cute an opportunity to pass up. I'm going for a bit of a Life on Mars vibe in the diorama, complete with crime writing wall and lots of bookcases. It's still very much a work in progress at the moment!

RoomBoxRU Miniature IKEA Desk

The desk went together very easily and gave me the confidence to order something more ambitious - a 1/7 scale loft bed with built in desk. I couldn't work out where to start with this one though and, in the end, I got my dad to put it together for me. This room is basically to showcase miniature retro consoles and computers, so I really like how the space is starting to shape up now the bed is in place. :)

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Room Box RU on Etsy

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  2. hey jess....loving the look of that desk...and looking forward to seeing more posts from you...and also looking forward to seeing the finishd doll house....

    can't wait to start on one of my own

    and yeah its the same rebelious one as the one on ebay....really loving the rune dress...i'm also really loving the topics you do on here as well

    1. Hey! So glad the dress fit and worked out okay. And thank you! It's supposed to be more kids stuff but I can't resist the call of my own hobbies... xD

    2. at the end of the day aren't we all still just kids on the inside just waiting to be let out and have fun in the sun.....and i read an old post of yours and saw that you have depression....and i can relate to that....diagnosed with depression 3 years ago and it only got worse for me....july 30th my dog passed away and i never got the chance to say goodbye....i still have all the memories of my time with her but its just not the same....can't listen to happy songs cos i end up thinking about her and upsetting myself

      i would start up a blog of my own but i barely even use facebook anymore so my blog would just become neglected

    3. also i have decided to start working on making rooms of a house as i did a fair amount of measuring and i don't have space to make a doll house that i can have out all the making the rooms and putting them away in a box to with everything else i make for them will be my best for me at the moment

      and yeah the call of hobbies is indeed strong.....and so is the desire to buy more clothes for minami (Mina for short) and her little sister Kiera...Mina is the blonde one in my profile pic....i also cut her hair shorter as it kept geting stuck on velcro and in the zip of her yellow princess dress


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