Monday, 24 August 2020

Portugal Lidl Shop

Lidl Shop Miniatures Portugal

In 2016 Lidl ran a Little Shop promotion in Portugal, with customers getting a free blind bagged miniature for every 15 Euro they spent. Along with various larger scaled play fresh fruit, veg and meat there were 26 branded miniatures to collect: 

Portugal Lidl Shop Miniatures

2. Fairy.
10. Combino Spaghetti.
11. Persil.
15. Cien.
17. Ovos. (eggs)
19. Fin Carre Chocolate.
21. Manhazitos Leite.
22. Planta. (margerine)
23. Terra Vento. (cheese)
24. Alesto Miolo de Noz.
26. Almond Ice Cream.

Lidl Shop Minis 

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