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President Barbie

President Barbie

Barbie has been President - or, at the very least, a Presidential candidate, numerous times over the years. Read on for her full electoral history...

2020 President Barbie


Barbie is going all out for the 2020 election with a four doll pack, representing Barbie as President, campaign manager, fundraiser, and a voter. It's nice to see a mix of skin tones and body types within the pack, and for all its thoroughly playline the clothing looks plenty versatile. And, to be honest, who doesn't think an inanimate lump of plastic couldn't do a better job than the guy actually in office at this point?

Campaign Team - box front / box back.

2016 President Barbie


This year's innovation was to see Barbie running for president and vice president in a suitably patriotic looking two pack. 

★ #DPNO1 - box front / box back.
★ #DPNO3 - box front / box back.
★ #DPNO4 - box front / box back.

2012 President Barbie


This year Barbie did what she stereotypically does best... dressed head to toe in pink and called it a day!

★ AA - box front / box back.
★ Asian - box front / box back.
★ Caucasian - box front / box back.
★ Hispanic - box front / box back.

2008 President Barbie


★ AA - box front / box back.
★ Caucasian Brunette - box front / box back.
★ Hispanic - box front / box back.

2004 President Barbie


Go Vote. Go Run. Go Lead. Go, Girl! So encouraged Barbie in her 2004 presidential campaign, ready for action in her stylish new pantsuit and neck scarf.

★ AA - box front / box back.
★ Caucasian - box front / box back.
★ Hispanic - box front / box back.

2000 President Barbie


After taking a break in '96, Barbie was back on the campaign trail in 2000 packaged with placards and flyers, and a pair of fancy red shoes and matching ball gown to (presumably) represent how her policies might flip flop once she gained power...

★ AA - box front / box back.
★ Hispanic - box front / box back.

There were also Democratic National Convention dolls.

Barbie Cool Career Fashion PresidentBarbie Cool Careers Fashion


No doll this year, but there was a 'cool career' president fashion pack.

1992 President Barbie


Barbie first embarked upon her presidential career in 1992 with a smart day suit and, er, flamboyant night look. She also came packaged with a campaign button for her new owner.

★ AA - box front / box back.
★ Caucasian - box front / box back.

Kanzlerin BarbieMerkel Barbie

The USA is not the only nation to be convinced by Barbie's ticket. In 2013 Germany had an exclusive I Can Be... Chancellor doll, building on the one of a kind Angela Merkel Barbie which proved a hit at the 2009 Nuremberg toy fair.

★ Ich wäre gern... Kanzlerin - box front / box back.

Elsewhere we have to settle for the generic I Can Be... a Political Candidate doll.

★ Political Candidate - box front / box back.

Political Candidate Barbie

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