Saturday, 12 September 2020

33 by 33 Bucketlist

33 by 33 Bucketlist

I usually do one of these on my birthday but, though I'm slowly backdating some content, this year I was barely blogging at all over the summer. So here we are a month later with 33 things I want to try and accomplish before next August 8th!

(You can see how many I managed to check off last year's list HERE.)

★ Finish this bucketlist! :)
Read 33 books.
Drop a dress size.
★ Create my own font.
Finish decorating the 1/6 scale doll house.
Start decorating the 1/12 scale doll house.
★ Walk along a beach.
★ Try macrame.
Write 365 blog posts.
Dye my hair.
Gain a new qualification.
★ Fly a kite.
Watch 33 new (to me!) films.
★ Sew a doll outfit.
★ Learn to recognise 10 constellations.
Write 33,000 words of fiction.
★ Get out of debt.
★ Bake a cake.
Reach level 3500 on Gardenscapes.
And 2500 on Homescapes.
★ Fold an origami animal.
★ Visit someplace I've never been before.
Get my nails done.
★ Finish my 'Death on the Canal' essay.
And the one on Arthur Payne.
★ And Willie Llewellyn.
Win a competition.
★ Reach Level 4 Welsh on Duolingo.
Write 52 positive reviews / recommendations.
Read a book in German.
Switch out the lightshades I've been meaning to change for nearly six years...
Send a postcard.
Be nice.


  1. you can already cross BE NICE off the list.....and also the 1/6 dollhouse.....since you are nothing other then nice to me and your last update about the dollhouse was that it was almost finished

    unlike mine....yet to order materials lol

    1. Aw, thank you! <3 Fingers crossed I can keep it up all through work too.... xD

      Well it literally took me five years to take the 1/12 one out of its box. I do not have a good track record, lol.


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