Monday, 7 September 2020

BTS Dolls

BTS Mattel

BTS - aka Bangtan Soneyeondan / Bangtan Boys - are a juggernaut of a K-pop band which has been around since 2013. They are one of the biggest bands on the planet and, reportedly, are responsible for one in every thirteen tourists who visit South Korea. Unsurprisingly Mattel wanted in on a piece of that action and released their first wave of BTS fashion dolls in July 2019.

That was followed up by a more expensive prestige wave featuring better quality clothing and an extra couple of points of articulation.

BTS Core Dolls

Core Dolls

Jimin - back / boxed
V - back / boxed.
Suga - back / boxed.
Jin - back / boxed.
RM - back / boxed.
J-Hope - back / boxed.

BTS Prestige Dolls

Prestige Dolls

V - back.
Suga - back.
Jin - back.
Jungkook - back.
RM - back.
Jimin - back.
J-Hope - back.

I bought most of these because I wanted their shoes for my Ken dolls - especially J-Hope's. DJ Antoine wears a pair that look the same in his vid for Bella Vita and I've always thought they were pretty cool. Some of the other clothing is really nice too but the BTS bodies are very thin, more like the Monster High guys than modern articulated Kens, so the few pieces I kept are being worn by my Barbies instead.

For more like this, please click the image below:

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