Friday, 25 September 2020

Friday Five: Webcomics

Friday Five

There are so many awesome webcomics out there - this list will show you I'm all about the comedy though...

CAD Comic

#5. Crtl+Alt+Del

Tim Buckley's CAD began way back in October 2002 and will probably still be chugging along in one form or another way after the human race has gone...

Strange Planet

#4. Strange Planet

Nathan W. Pyle gives us the everyday life of a family of adorable aliens. <3

Tales of Absurdity

#3. Tales of Absurdity

Tales of Absurdity is a weekly comic by Alex Hoffman that is so delightfully random it can't help but startle a laugh out of you!

The Perry Bible Fellowship

#2. The Perry Bible Fellowship

PBF is a long running webcomic by Nicholas Gurewitch which specialises in 'sting in the tale' final panels. It's often kind of dark and surreal, but that only makes it better.

Chief O'Brien at Work

#1. Chief O'Brien at Work

Jon Adams' Chief O'Brien at Work is hands down my favourite webcomic. It follows Miles O'Brien during his seemingly neverending stint as transporter chief aboard the USS Enterprise-D. No matter how dull and meaningless your job, you can't help but feel better about it after a few panels showcasing Chief O'Brien's working day. :D

Do you have a favourite webcomic? Let me know in the comments! :)

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Friday Five

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