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Human Foods You Should Not Feed Dogs

Foods You Should Not Feed Dogs

 Dogs are valued members of the family and deserve to feel included. However, mealtime is the exception, especially considering how many human foods are bad for your pet. 

As tempting as it might be to share a snack with your canine companion, the risks are rarely worth the reward. Here are some human foods that you should never feed your dog.


Many dog owners are shocked to find out that grapes are bad for their pet. These delicious pieces of nature's candy are so healthy for humans that sharing them with man's best friend seems like it wouldn't be a problem. However, there's something in grapes and raisins that dogs react negatively to, resulting in kidney failure and death.

Avoid giving your dog grapes— and wine, for that matter.


There are a few concerns when it comes to feeding your dogs nuts. While they are filled with healthy oils, it's easy to overdo it in a canine's digestive system. Some nuts— macadamia nuts, for example— are known to cause a plethora of serious issues after ingestion.

Another consideration is whether the nuts are salted, as excess salt levels can cause sodium ion poisoning. 

Raw Eggs and Meat

The raw food movement holds strong among its followers, but it can be extremely risky to give your dog raw eggs and meat. The risk of contamination with E Coli or salmonella outweighs the perceived benefits of this food movement. While many humans can overcome these severe illnesses, dogs can't.

Cook your eggs and meat before serving them to your dog. Cooked meat and eggs are a fantastic source of additive-free protein.


If your dog accidentally eats a bit of avocado, it should be fine. However, there's a fine line between being fine and having enough to get deathly ill. The persin in avocado and the rind can cause debilitating digestive distress for your pup. Additionally, the pit poses a choking hazard. Play it safe, and keep your guacamole to yourself.

Stone Fruit

Peaches, cherries, and apricots are all problematic for our canine companions. Not only do the pits pose choking hazards, but they contain cyanide inside. The pits aren't usually a concern for humans, as we don't tend to crunch them down as a snack. Dogs, however, don't know the distinction.

If you decide to feed your dog stone fruit, remove the pit first and serve them bite-size slices.

Chocolate and Candy

Dogs being unable to process chocolate isn't a myth. However, the effects will vary based on the cocoa percentage, your dog's size, and how much they ingest. The higher the concentration of chocolate, the more dangerous it is for your dog. The caffeine in chocolate (and coffee) can disrupt their metabolic function, leading to heart failure.

Candy presents another issue. In addition to being potentially damaging to their teeth, many candies contain a sugar substitute known as xylitol. Even trace amounts of this compound can kill a dog.

Human Foods You Should Not Feed Dogs

Protecting Your Dog From Bad Food

Protect your dog from harmful human food by refusing to share and training your pet. Invest in some protective dog gear as shown in this dog supplies post by Furry Friends Gear, and remember to tidy your kitchen after preparing meals.

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