Thursday, 10 September 2020

Kid Kreations Sindy

Kid Kreations Sindy
Photo Credit: Kid Kreations

There is exciting news on the Sindy front - the new Kid Kreations dolls are launching soon! I blogged about them back when the initial prototypes were revealed in August 2019 and am so pleased to see they have actually reached the production stage.

There are six dolls in the line up, with 'Country Chic' having been swapped out for 'Ice Skater', in a limited edition of 1963 per doll:

★ City Chic.
★ Ice Skater.
★ Sleepy Time.
★ Weekender.
★ Dream Date.
★ Shopping Look.

(I'll update with individual promo images as they become available. In the meantime there are some little vids up on their TikTok.)

My favourite is Weekender, hands down, followed by Dream Date. The dolls are retailing at £79.99 each (delivery charge TBC but free if you buy three or more dolls) so I'm going to have to make my mind up! Pre-orders were opening this Saturday but have now been pushed back due to technical issues with the website; sign up to the newsletter at Sindy Collectors Club to get early notification. The Facebook page is full of the usual whinging about how they're not exact replicas of the 1963 release, so fingers crossed I'll actually have a chance of getting the pre-order I want. <3

Check out the YouTube vid for a closer look at the packaging and details. The clothing looks particularly well done, and I am loving the handbags - Integrity eat your heart out! 

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