Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Mini Mart: Gyorgi Handmade Shop

Gyorgi Handmade Shop Bedding

Supplier: Gyordi Handmade Shop
Website: Etsy Store  | eBay Shop


This Norwich based family business specialises in 1/6 scale wooden furniture - including more unusual stuff like bathrooms and exercise equipment - and bedding sets. I had good intentions to make my own bedding but... well, I was just lazy. I saw this super cute set listed on eBay for £10.99 and, seeing as I'd just sold some unwanted doll clothing, went for the easy option.

I think it's a pretty good match for the purple wallpaper and has lots of cute details I wouldn't have got around to. (As this photo shows I still need to put drawer handles on...)

Gyorgihandmadeshop on Etsy

Post and Packing:  £2.90

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