Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Mini Mart: Machine Gun Figures

Machine Gun Figures

Supplier: Machine Gun Figures


1/6 scale action figures and loose accessories. I am always on the lookout for places which sell loose parts from the high end action figures, but most of the resellers are based in the USA which means a) stupid postage costs and b) even stupider customs fees. Normally I go to Collectable Kitbash or ebay sellers like CB Toy Collectables, so I was really excited to stumble across this French business which is like a treasure trove of 1/6 scale goodies.

Most places only offer military figures and pieces, but Machine Gun Figures stock a really wide range of stuff including Star Ace's Harry Potter line and unbranded wooden furniture. I put an order in for my birthday and bought so much cool stuff ranging from that super snazzy Ken outfit (actually the coat and trousers from Dragon in Dreams' Napoleonic French Dragoon Hervé figure), right through to four lollipops from the DAM Toys Pisces Lucy figure at 50p a piece.

Machine Gun Figures Miniatures

You can see it in the pic above along with some awesome die cut keys and a tiny USA flag lapel badge. Pricing is fairly standard for the hobby, with some things a little cheaper than you can get elsewhere, some things a bit more expensive. The real draw is the big range of stuff though and I'm sure I'll be back for more!

Post and Packing:  About £8.

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