Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Mini Mart: Poppets Dolly Bits

Poppets Dolly Bits Wallpaper

Supplier: Poppets Dolly Bits
Website: | Etsy Store


This UK company specialises in doll house decor, especially wallpaper which is sold - in various scales - by the A4 sheet. Back when I originally bought the 12th scale house, almost five years ago now, I truly expected to make good progress so bought a selection of carpets and wallpaper from Poppets Dolly Bits. Once I actually put it together I realised that I actually wanted most of the wallpaper patterns to be much bigger and bolder, so I went back to my trusty old Pepin pattern books.

I have used a few of the Poppets sheets though, for the carpet in the small bedroom and the wallpaper in the kitchen and living room. Although it's still very rough and ready, the kitchen is the room with the most progress made at the moment so I've snapped a couple of pics in there. This is my absolute favourite of all the patterns available; it's so bright and cheerful!

Poppets Dolly Bits 1/12 Scale Wallpaper

Post and Packing:  Starts from £1.89 for paper items (+9p for each extra sheet).

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