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Welsh UFO Sightings 1964

Welsh UFO Sightings

1964 sightings from across Wales. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

March, 01:30
'Council house on the steep hill just below Denbigh Castle, Clwyd'

The Daily Post included this in a 2016 list of north Wales sightings:

"In the spring of 1964, a woman walking her dog in the grounds of Denbigh Castle reported finding her pet cowering in a beam of light from the sky. When she tried to pick her dog up, her arm was burnt by the light and the animal's hair was singed too. Neither suffered long-term damage."

ETA, here's a report on this sighting Margaret Fry submitted to Engimas #39:

Doris Walker, then unmarried, and living with her widowed mother. She was up late studying her codes for her job with the DHSS Office in Rhyl. She had let her tough little terrier out on to the back patio when she heard him yelping in pain. At this, she looked through the kitchen window. 

She went out and saw a beam of light was encasing the dog, she picked him up and immediately felt a burning sensation on her arm. She fled indoors with him but did not have the courage to look out of the window again. The burn marks stayed on her arm for a while. The dog was also in pain and discomfort from burns to its skin.

Summer, 01:00
Wentloog, Cardiff

A man was awoken by his wife while they were staying in a caravan in a field. His wife told him she heard a sound like a plane crashing. He got up and went outside into the field and saw an object approaching across the sky. It was a blue oval with an orange patch in the base. The man watched the object for 30 minutes then it accelerated away and upwards "like a shooting star." When he returned inside the time was 4 AM - three hours had in fact passed. The witness did not seem keen for further follow up.

Published in Summer 1992 edition of BUFORA's UFO Times:

BUFORA Summer 1992

Autumn, 16:00
Burry Port

Silver cigar shaped UFO. 
Sighting submitted by R. Jones Pugh of BUFORA in 1977, V6/N1.


The Wrexham Leader of September 11th reported:

Mrs. Daisy Gittens looked through her bedroom window early on Sunday morning and saw - what? Mrs. Gittens, of 3 Zion Cottages, Southsea, certainly does not know what the strange flashing red object moving slowly across the sky was. 'It wasn't an aeroplane,' she said on Tuesday.

'It wasn't making any noise, and it was moving slowly. It was about 100 feet above the ground,' she added. Mrs. Gittens was in bed when she first spotted the object. The sound of a bus coming back from Blackpool woke her up at 2:30 a.m. 'I looked out of the window and saw it,' she said. She got out of bed and watched the object for about five minutes until it disappeared over a bank in the direction of Brymbo Steelworks. But a spokesman for Brymbo Steelworks said that they had no reports of anyone from the works seeing anything that night.

At 11:30 on Saturday night an ex-nurse and her husband saw a strange object in the sky at Salford, Lancs. They described it as 'rather like a conical sea buoy. All round it were lights that changed from red to green to white.' A strange object has also been sighted in the sky near Welshpool.

November 14th

Flying Saucer Review V11/N1 (Jan-Feb 1965) reported that Mr. I. J. Morris of Grandison Hotel, Neath, Glamorgan, had written in as follows:

On the evening of November 14 a friend called my attention to a moving object in the sky, just above the cloud layer. The time was about 8 p.m. The object shone brightly and was on a course roughly north-east. We watched it for about two minutes before it disappeared behind thick cloud.

During this time it did not change course or direction. It could not have been an aircraft as the light was unflickering and very bright. Also there was no sound. It was not a shooting star as I have seen many. Also it in no way compared with the satellites I have seen. I myself do believe we have invaders from outer space though many of my friends are sceptical.


The Western Mail of November 26th reported:

Motorists left their cars in a Cardiff street last night to watch a mystery 'glowing red' object hurtle across the skyline. The object - like an 'enlarged dustbin' - was visible for three to four minutes and was moving from west to east. 

One man who saw it, Mr. John Griffiths, an engineer, of Birchgrove, calculated that it was under cloud level - about 500 feet. He said last night, 'I was driving along Heathwood road when I first saw the object. Lots of people stopped their cars and left them to look at it. I saw it for about four minutes and at the time it was moving quite slowly. It was glowing red and we could all see it quite clearly.'

Mr. Griffiths said he had telephoned Cardiff Airport to find out the cloud level. 'It was 500 feet and the object must have been under cloud level,' he said. 

Another Cardiff man, who telephoned the Western Mail to say he had spotted the object, said it was like a 'small moon'. 'It was an unusually large object travelling at tremendous pace,' he said. 'I first thought it was a balloon or a comet. I looked through a pair of binoculars and saw it was perfectly round with no tail.'

Cardiff Airport did not know what the object was, and a spokesman for R.A.F. St. Athan said, 'We have picked up no strange object on radar screen.'


The Liverpool Echo of December 15th carried a story about a missing plane that never was...

Following reports that an unidentified aircraft had crashed into the sea off Rhyl, the lifeboat was launched today, and the R.A.F. air sea rescue station at Valley was asked to send a helicopter to search. Mr. Fred Bushell, the district officer of the Coastguard Service said that a broadcast had also been made to ships in the area to keep watch.

A spokesman at Rhyl lifeboat house said this afternoon that an R.A.F. Beverley aircraft had crashed into the sea between the North and South buoys off Rhyl. The bar pilot Sir Thomas Brocklebank, is heading for the area to help in the search. 

The Stop Press section of the same edition reported:


Search between Rhyl and Llanduno this afternoon for plane thought to have crashed into sea called off after Minister of Defence spokesman said no aircraft missing.

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