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Anthony's Gift Guide For Men

Anthony's Gift Guide For Men

"Never knowing what to get for the men in her life, Jessica has asked me to put together this list of top picks for the set to put a smile on the face of any man..."

(AKA the post where Anthony lays out how disappointed he is likely to be on Christmas morning!)

Christmas Gift Guide Ideas


Future Perfect- Vintage Futuristic Graphics- Taschen : I've recently been getting reading some classic Doctor Who Comics from the 60's and I love the visions of the future from 60 years ago, its all flying cars, curved skyscrapers, and high walkways in pastel colours. 

The Stepford Wives- Ira Levin: A Sci-Fi classic where men can literally create their perfect woman, what could possibly go wrong in this vintage staple of science fiction literature? 

The Phantom Atlas: The Greatest Myths, Lies and Blunders on Maps: An Atlas not of the world as you know it, but an atlas as the world was thought to be, with made up mountain ranges, non existent islands and populations that never were. 

The Complete Flash Gordon Library: On the Planet Mongo Volume 1- Alex Raymond: The collected Sunday Comic Strips that brought the pulp hero to the page back in the 1930's collected here are Flash's early adventures taken from the Planet Earth to the far reaches of Mongo into the devilish hands of Ming the Merciless. 

The Hairy Bikers: Meat Feasts: What is Christmas without portions of food so large that you spend the next 12 months working them off?  Well that is what the Hairy Bikers deliver by the plateful, filled with over 120 recipes to set the mouth watering and the stomach churning furiously in hunger. 

The Doctor Who Annual 2021: its one of those traditions, getting an annual at Christmas, a Beano of a Dandy or a Match of the Day. Well this year, to round off my collection, I'm recommending the 2021 Doctor Who Annual 

Mel Brooks DVD Box Set: Collecting together some of the comedy great's earlier and lesser known works this box set provides a some rip roaring laughs that by this point in 2020 we could all use. 

The Addams Family Complete Series DVD Box Set: See the Creepy and Kooky Addams Family in their earliest adventures featuring madcap mayhem from TV's freakiest family. 

Addams Family 

Christmas Gift Guide 2020


Mucha Liga Tequila Blanco: Anything that comes served in the head of luchador is worth a look, but this may actually be the only drinkable tequila that I have ever discovered. 

Berry Bros and Rudd- Good Ordinary Claret: A wonderful red wine that's both full bodied and flavourful with no notes of pretentiousness about it. 

World of Zing- Mini Craft Cocktail Collection: A perfect way to beat back the holiday blues with this set of mini craft cocktails from The World of Zing 

Thorntons Turkish Delight Chocolate Box: My absolute favourite chocolate, however I now no longer have a local branch of Thornton's so have to make do with ordering online. 

Jack Link's Beef Jerky Selection Box: I'm pretty new to the whole jerky thing. I'm not really one for sweet snacks or crisps so when I discovered Jerky it was like a revelation to my snacking sensibilities. 

Snowdonia Cheese Company- Best Sellers Selection: Lots of different cheese from one of the best cheese companies that I've ever tasted. 

Tefal Blendforce Blender: A must have for any cocktail or smoothie enthusiast with a glass jug and stainless steel blades, makes blending a dream and cleaning even easier. 

Pyrex Oval Pie Dish: I've been getting into baking pies this year, as meals go they're pretty easy to make and overall pretty filling. But for a good pie you need the right equipment. Pyrex is a trusted brand for cookware, and something that Jessica swears by, and if she wants me to continue with all the cooking in this house, Santa better buy me a pie dish. 

VonShef Cocktail making kit: Perfect for any home bar or for getting you through a Christmas party. For making that Christmas play bearable, to help make your in laws tolerable or just to give you that final nudge to sleep after Christmas Dinner, the Von Shef Cocktail kit is perfect for any occasion. 

Vonshef Cocktail Set 

Christmas Gifts For Men


Samuel Windsor- Padstow Summer Blazer: This stylish light weight blazer is perfect for those stuffy Christmas parties, can be worn on the more formal side of things or as a smart casual ensemble. 

Satin Pyjamas- There is nothing as cozy as snuggling under a blanket in a pair of these bad boys. Until lockdown kicked in I wasn't sold on the whole pyjama's during the day scene. But I'm sold. 

Charles Tyrwhitt- Silk Scarf: Silk Scarves are an elegant way to add a dash of colour to your winter wardrobe. Working with a suit or any sort of casual winterwear. 

The Double O- James Bond Socks- By The London Sock Exchange: What sums up Christmas presents better than a pair of socks? And with these James Bond themed socks from the London Sock Exchange you can emulate the very epitome of masculine style from head to toe. 

Gunn and Moore Cricket Sweater: A winter warmer in a classic British style. 

Unisex Swatch MONO BLACK Watch SUOB720- A stunning piece that can bridge the gap between sport, work or formal. 

House of Commons Gold and Silver Portcullis Cufflinks: I like a nice pair of cufflinks, they aren't something that men wear much anymore, but when they do, they really add a little touch of flair to any occasion. 

Floris London No.89 Eau de Toilette: A floral cologne from one of the premier perfumeries of the UK. 

The Ritual of Samurai Gift Set: Lets face it I could have put any bath or shower gift on this list and as long as it wasn't Lynx Africa it'd probably look ok. 

Isner Mile Beard Grooming Kit for Men: To quote the Australian band, The Beard's "if your dad doesn't have a beard, you've got two mums" But that's no reason not to take pride and care in your facial follicles.  The Isner Mile kit is one of the most comprehensive for all your beard care needs. 

Isner Mile Beard Grooming Kit 


Lock Cowboy 30-Piece Lock Picking Set: I've always fancied that I could have become a great gentleman cat burglar, a sort of raffles for the 21st century, and following an incident that left Jessica locked out in the cold lock picking is a skill that one day might come in handy in our household. It'll certainly come in handy as a party trick if I can get the hang of it. 

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