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Welsh UFO Sightings - 1953

Welsh UFO Sightings

UFO sightings from 1953. For Welsh sightings from other years please click HERE.

According to the contemporary journals - Miss W. B. Knowles, the Cardiff rep for Flying Saucer News, enrolled almost 30 new members in 1953. Interest was clearly growing!

Friday 31st July, 21:15
Mt Snowden

A mysterious object was seen on the slopes of Snowden. No aircraft were missing and searches were fruitless.

Manchester Evening News, 1/8/53, said "Llanberris police were today trying to solve the mystery of lights in the sky, and muffled explosions over Snowdon last night. Thinking an aircraft might have crashed, 12 policemen and firemen went up Snowdon. The search was abandoned when it was discovered that no aircraft was missing."

Halifax Evening Courier 01 August 1953 Crewe Chronicle 08 August 1953

Summer 1953, c. 17:00
Bristol Channel off Llantwit Major

An 8-year-old girl named J.C. was playing at her friend's house in Llantwit Major and was sitting in the front porch, which faced south towards the coast about a mile distant. They noticed an object in an area of the sky which would have placed it on the coast or over the sea. They called her friend's father to come and see it. The object looked cigar-shaped but there were dark blobs, spots or circles moving along it, which showed that it was actually a rotating disc-shaped object. It was hovering in one position as they watched it for a few minutes. The father ran back inside to get his binoculars, but as he returned the object disappeared.

RAF St Athan and Llandow airfield are very close, so the witnesses were very used to seeing all kinds of aircraft in the sky, but this looked like nothing they'd ever seen before.

Source: SUFON Files, witness email 12 June 2020.

Saturday October 3rd, 22:00
Llanelli / Swansea / Neath

A slightly elliptical globe of light was seen in the night sky. It was a white light with a greenish tinge, described as being about one quarter the size of a full moon. It was moving quickly but produced no sound. 

 The South Wales Evening Post published a series of pieces on the case. First on Monday October 5th 1953:


The light that flared and failed, a strange phenomenon on the western horizon, is puzzling a Neath professional man who takes a sceptical view of flying saucers. At 10 pm on Saturday, having garaged his car after a busy day, he was walking down Upper Cimla-road to his home when he saw what he describes as "The Phenomenon".

"I was facing Drumau," he told an 'Evening Post' reporter, "when I suddenly became aware of a light above the mountain, moving fast from north to south horizontally. It was a brilliant globe of white light with a greenish tinge, and about one-quarter the size of a full moon. It was not a perfect sphere for it was slightly elliptical on its southern edge. It was moving so fast that I thought at first it was something being towed by jet propelled aircraft, but I heard no sound of an aeroplane engine."


"The globe was about one third of the way up between the horizon and zenith. It did not rise or fall from a horizontal course. I watched it as it passed through about 10 degrees and then it vanished suddenly, leaving two or three red linear embers behind it." Trained in science and an amateur astronomer, who makes his own astronomical telescopes, he is perfectly familiar with the normal night sky and is quite certain that what he saw was not "a falling star or a firework. I have never seen anything like it before," he said.

"To make sure it was not a purely subjective phenomenon, I stopped and spoke to a man who was walking behind me. He too, had seen it and agreed that its course was perfectly horizontal. I should like to know whether the light was seen by any Swansea astronomer."

This was followed up on Tuesday October 6th with:


The mysterious light seen above the western horizon by a Neath amateur astronomer at 10 pm on Saturday, was also seen by a Cwmavon man. Mr Geraint Davies, Brynglas-avenue, writes, "I should like to substantiate the account given by the person who saw the 'mystery light' last Saturday."

"On looking out of the window at about 10 pm that night, I saw a greenish coloured light travel in a North to South direction over Foel Mynyddau, which is west of Cwmavon. It was in my sight for about five seconds, then it seemed to flick out. It was too high to be a firework and it could not have been a flare because it travelled horizontally, and there was no sound of an aircraft."


"It travelled t about the same speed as a Vampire jet fighter and therefore it seemed to me to be too slow to be anything of the nature of a falling star. I confess to being greatly puzzled as to its nature and would be grateful if some reader could shed light on this mysterious object."

More witnesses came forward, as recorded in the South Wales Evening Post of Wednesday October 7th:


Other correspondents report witnessing the strange light in the sky seen a few nights ago. Mr D. I. Evans, 32 Poplar-crescent, Cefncaeau, Llanelly, writes: "While waiting for a bus at the Bryn Chapel bust stop on the Pontarddulais-Llanelly road on Saturday night, the usual street lamp which lights this spot, for some unknown reason, was off. So I had a magnificent unrestricted view of the night sky."

"To idle away the time I was trying to locate some of the constellations which I had learnt during my R.A.F. days. This light suddenly appeared, travelling in a horizontal direction exactly as described in your report except that I should say it was in the NW travelling West to East. My directions may be wrong, but the following diagram may help – Mr Evans encloses an astronomical sketch [this was not printed in the newspaper article]."


"Everything in the Neath man’s description tallies perfectly. I saw it at 9.45 pm – within n more than two minutes either way. I thought it was a shooting star and told my wife of what I had seen but since reading your report my curiosity has been aroused and would like to hear an expert’s opinion."

Mr. G. Janes, 178 Mayals-road, Blackpill, also saw the brilliant light in the sky taking a line roughly from Dunvant to the N.O.R. viewed from the Mayals. "I thought it was a plane on fire, and went to the door expecting to hear a crash, but none came."

The story had a postscript in 1983, when Dorothy Griffiths wrote into the South Wales Evening Post of October 7th:


SIR, - I was delighted to read in the Post’s '30 years ago' item about sinister lights seen on the western horizon, because I also saw those lights and have never forgotten them. 

I was looking out of one of my upstairs windows in my then home, The Builder’s Arms, Melin, which is quite a high building with an unobstructed view of surrounding areas, when I saw this flashing green light whiz across the sky, drop down in a straight line, then leave these red 'stars; behind, before flying off into space and disappearing.

I ran down to tell my husband but, of course, he only laughed and told me I had been reading too many science fiction stories. 

I have always maintained I saw those lights and now thanks to your paper my son and daughter must believe that I DID see something. You have made an old woman very happy, even if what I saw can never be explained. I DID see them all those years ago. 

Dorothy Griffiths, Herbert Road, Melincryddan, Neath.

December 20th, c. 14:00

A "shining, cigar-shaped object, without wings" was seen gliding over town in NE direction. Small and moving very slowly. No sound. Visible 5 mins. Clear sky.

Source: Evening Post.

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