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Welsh UFO Sightings - 1955

Welsh UFO Sightings

UFO sightings from 1954. For Welsh sightings from other years please click HERE.

Thursday March 24th, 19:15
Aberarth, Cardiganshire

Mrs Harding, a farmer’s wife of Aberarth, was called outside by her young daughter, who was pointing excitedly at the evening sky. She gazed out over the sea in the direction that Rosalyn, her daughter, indicated. 

There, to the north-west of where they stood, and well out to sea, was a large orange ball giving out a black trail and zig-zagging downwards. They remarked that it looked very like the sun except for the movement and the long, black, smoky trail that streamed out behind. 

As they watched, it exploded and, still in the shape of an orange ball, plunged into the sea. The strange thing was that they could still see it glowing beneath the surface of the water, and this continued for upwards of an hour after the object finally struck. 

The trail that it had left behind changed from black to grey before it dispersed: neither of the two watchers had heard any sound from the ball, either in the air or in the sea.

Source: Modern Mysteries of the World by Janet & Colin Bord 1989 page 165, citing The Coming of the Space Ships by Gavin Gibbons.

July 4th, 23:00
Treboeth, Swansea

Bright red UFO hovered for five minutes, shooting out sparks. The object then began moving slowly, witness saw it was cigar shaped with a flashing white light on top, red flame and sparks at the rear, and a regular row of white lights down the side. It made no sound and eventually disappeared into cloud.

The witness reported their sighting to Fate magazine of October 7th 1955:

At 11:00 p.m. on July 4th I happened to look out of the window and saw illuminated against dark patches of clouds an unusually bright red object. It was not the navigation light of a plane. It just hovered there for fully five minutes, shooting out sparks.

I went to the hallstand, unhooked my binoculars, and saw that the light was still there. Suddenly it started to move, slowly at first and gradually increasing speed. Direction from S.E. to N.E. It speed I judged to be 300 m.p.h., altitude 7,000 to 8,000 feet or more. 

I could just see an indistinct cigar shape with a great flashing white light on top and a brilliant tongue of red flame and sparks at the rear. Down the side was a regular row of white lights. All the time I did not hear a sound. After entering a cloud it disappeared - I did not see it come out.

T. Pengelly, 2 Gwynfi Street, Treboeth, Swansea.        

Fate 07/10/55

Early Summer, 17:00

Mr G. Taylor of Denbigh was standing at a bus stop at Pool Meadow, Wrexham, when he saw a fluorescent white object pass over fairly low.

Source: Link to the Stars by Margaret Fry.

August 20th, 03:42

A mystery tremor and bright flash over the mountain was seen by people over a 20 mile area of Monmouthshire, resulting in numerous calls to police. No earth tremor was recorded by Bidston or the Royal Observatory, and the Air Ministry put an end to claims of an aircraft breaking the sound barrier. 

Mr. R. Winney, of West Pontnewydd, said it felt like a rushing express train. "The whole house seemed to be rocking," he said.

Sunday Dispatch 21/08/55

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